This is an example of a garden tractor-style riding lawn mower.

How to Set the Deck Height on an MTD Riding Mower

by Keith Dooley

Cutting grass at the correct height is an essential part of lawn maintenance. Properly cut grass will help prevent weed growth and reduce the likelihood of stress and dieback due to cutting too short. Setting the blade height is accomplished by adjusting the cutting deck of a riding mower up and down. Setting the deck height on an MTD mower such as the Yard Machine model 760 or 770 is accomplished with a conveniently located lever.

Sit in the seat of the MTD riding mower. Make sure the mower is in gear and the parking break is set so that you will not have to worry about the mower accidentally rolling.

Locate the mower deck height adjustment lever to the right of the seat on the rear fender. You will note two levers, one on the inside that is used to engage the PTO, and one on the outside with notches for setting the deck height.

Choose a deck height increment from 1 to 5 based on your preference for blade height. Pull the level toward you and then forward or back to select the desired height.

Move the lever securely into the notch corresponding to the desired height.


  • Determine the corresponding height of the cutting blades to the numbers indicated on the fender by measuring the blades. Set the cutting height at 1 and then measure the distance from the cutting edge of the blade to the ground. Repeat the measurement for each setting to learn the exact height each number represents.

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