Model Erin Heatherton wears pointed-toe stilletos on the red carpet.

What Shoes Will Make Your Legs Looks Skinnier?

by Danielle Jennings

Shoes are one of the few fashion essentials where body type isn't a factor. All shapes and sizes can look fantastic in a killer pair of pumps. But what's even better, there are certain shoe styles that can actually enhance your other assets and help your legs look slimmer -- just by slipping them on.

Pointed-Toe Shoes

To be fair, pointed-toe shoes aren't the most comfortable shoe you can wear, but the benefits to your silhouette are plentiful. A pointed-toe shoe is very narrow at the toe box giving the illusion of a narrower toe, which in turn makes your legs look leaner by visually extending your leg line. Naturally, wearing pointed-toe shoes paired with a stiletto heel works best to give the appearance of thinner legs; however, a pointed-toe flat shoe also achieves the same effect, just with less dramatic results. Since one of the main sources of discomfort with pointed-toe shoes is the crowding in the toe box, opt to go a size up or acquire the proper insoles to make wearing them more comfortable.


Stilettos are one of the sexiest shoe styles in all of fashion; the instant you put them on your silhouette is changed for the better. Unfortunately, many women shy away from this flattering shoe style because of the discomfort and fear of falling due to the ultra-thin heel. Getting the right size and the proper insoles are two important things that will serve to minimize the problems associated with wearing stilettos. The thinness of the heel works in the same way pointed-toe shoes do to give the illusion of thinner legs. Since the heel is so thin, it offers a direct contrast to your legs, giving you both height and a thinner silhouette. Additionally, the force the muscles in your legs and calves to contract, helping your legs appear lean and toned. Stilettos don't have to be extremely high -- two- and three-inch styles are also flattering.


In the quest to makes your legs look thinner through shoe choice, you don't always have to decide on a specific style. Wearing shoes in a nude color (or shade closest to your own skin tone) tricks the eye to give your legs a thinner appearance, because the legs and feet all appear to be one solid shade. There is no separation in color or texture as the shoes match your complexion, so your legs look not only leaner, but longer as well. You can also combine a nude-colored shoe with other shoes that offer the appearance of thinner legs, such as pointed-toes and stilettos, to get extra bang for your buck.


Not every footwear style you chose to create the illusion of thinner legs has to be an actual shoe; in fact, there are boot styles that achieve the same effect. Boots that come up to the knee or just below it are idea designs to make your legs look lean in no time flat. Knee-high boots are good because they come up high, creating a leaner and taller look. Midi boots, or those that stop directly in the middle of the leg, should be avoided because they interrupt the leg line. Be sure your boots have at least a two-inch heel for added slimming power.

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