A loving mother shows her children affection.

How Should a Loving Mother Treat Her Children?

by Barbie Carpenter

You inherently love your children, even when their behavior drives you crazy. However, you also want to show your kids that you love them by being a loving and nurturing mother -- one your children come to when they need advice, support or affection. Discover how to treat your children lovingly every day, and build a healthy relationship with them that will last a lifetime.

Celebrate Their Successes

Your son comes home from school beaming with the sloppily drawn family portrait. While you might have seen this picture dozens of times, you should recognize your son's effort -- after all, he's proud of his accomplishment. A loving mother should celebrate her children's successes. Whether he's taking his first step, landing the star role in the elementary school play or playing quarterback for his high school football team, recognize your child's accomplishments, small and large, with a hug, kiss, high five or praise to show him you love him.

Express Your Love

Your children need reassurance that you love them. When you're packing your daughter's lunch, leave a thoughtful note in her lunch box telling her how much you love her. Before bed every night, give her a hug, kiss and a simple "I love you." Schedule a special mommy-and-me day regularly where you spend one-on-one time with her doing an activity of her choice. When you're enjoying this quality time together, talk about how special and important your relationship is.

Communicate Positively

How you speak to your children can impact how they speak to you. Sarcasm, for example, can negatively impact kids, according to HealthyChildren.org. Communicate positively, avoiding negative, hurtful or hateful language. Be an optimistic source of support for your kids. Be willing to listen to their problems, whether they've had a spat with a friend or are struggling in school. Offer helpful, targeted solutions to your child's problems. Your support shows them that you love them and, even more, that you're willing to help.

Create Special Memories

Some days are routine: you take the kids to school, you go to work and then you come home for a family dinner. However, other days can be made special, and these memorable moments will show your kids that you love them. Every now and then, surprise your kids with a small gift -- a sheet of stickers or box of crayons is an inexpensive gesture that shows your kids you're thinking of them. Get down on the floor and with your kids, schedule special arts-and-crafts days or surprise them for lunch at school.

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