You don't always need words to express your love.

How to Show Your Boyfriend That You Love Him Without Telling Him

by Eliza Martinez

Whether you or your boyfriend is uncomfortable with direct expressions of love, or you want to communicate your feelings with more than just words, you have several options available to show that you love and care for him. Since being involved in a strong, loving relationship can make you a happier person as well as ease your stress, according to Kansas State University, go ahead and show some love.

Do Something He Enjoys

Attending an event that your boyfriend enjoys but that you'd otherwise avoid is an easy way to show your love. If he knows that you're not a fan of baseball, cars or heavy metal music, but you're willing to go to a game, show or concert with him, you're letting him know that you care about his happiness. Buy tickets for the two of you and attend the event together. Not only does making such a grand gesture show that you love him, it also gives you a chance to create memories together, according to Barton Goldsmith, Ph.D., on the Psychology Today website. You should also avoid making disparaging remarks or making fun of the activity, as this can take away from the loving act. Other things to do to show that you care might include seeing the latest action movie together, touring a brewery or preparing his favorite meal. You can also simply sit down and watch his favorite TV show or read a book of his choice together.

Show Affection

Men typically respond to physical touch and can feel your love when you're affectionate. Hold hands while you're out and about. Snuggle on the couch while you're watching television instead of sitting in separate chairs, suggests Goldsmith. Take time to kiss your boyfriend when you're alone, or engage in intercourse if you're comfortable taking that step with him. Hugging, putting your arms around each other and standing close together in crowds are other simple ways to show affection to your boyfriend instead of saying "I love you."

Acts of Kindness

Another good way to display your love to your boyfriend is by performing random acts of kindness. If he hates doing laundry, throw in a load or two for him the next time you have the chance. If you borrow his car, fill it with gas and leave him an energy drink in the cup holder. Deliver a hot coffee and donut or packed lunch to his office. Let him have the larger piece of steak or the shady spot on the patio. Leave love notes for him in his wallet, pocket or car. Give your boyfriend small, thoughtful gifts such as a warm pair of socks to let him know that you care. Tuning into your boyfriend's needs and wants shows him that he's important to you and that you're paying attention to him, says Pat Love, Ed.D., author of "The Truth About Love," in a article.

Be Thoughtful

It might sound like a given, but it's easy to take your bad day out on your boyfriend, even if it has nothing to do with him. You might also be more apt to be rude or critical of him if you're dating for awhile. Since you love him, it's imperative to keep his feelings in mind at all times. Fight fair by staying on the topic and not bringing up other problems or offenses. Show that you understand his point of view and use "I" statements to prevent sounding accusatory, suggests Betty W. Phillips, Ph.D., psychologist and professor. Thinking about your boyfriend's feelings before you react to something is an important way to show your love.

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