Keep a relationship alive when you're far apart by showing your boyfriend you miss him.

How to Show Your Boyfriend You Miss Him When He Is Far Away

by Sarah Casimong

Showing your partner that you are committed is important to the survival of a long distance relationship. This includes letting your boyfriend know that you miss him by communicating in various ways, since you are not able to connect physically. When letting your boyfriend know how much you miss him, do so in creative ways so that he’ll miss you just as much.

Visual Reminders

Send videos of yourself to his phone or email. This could be videos of you doing everyday tasks such as grocery shopping and saying something like: “I wish you were here to help me pick out the apples. I know how excited you get about picking out fruit.” You could also send photos of your favorite hangout spots, along with a message about how lonely it is visiting those places without him.


Sending gifts in the mail is a good way to let your partner know that you miss him. Although chocolates and flowers may do, it would be ideal to send a more personalized gift that would remind your boyfriend of you and your relationship together. For example, you could send him the perfume that you wear, so he will not only be able to see you through photos and video, he will also be able to smell you. Creating something, like knitting a scarf if he’s in a cold place, also offers a personal touch.

Little Things

You don’t always have to make a grand gesture to show how much you miss your boyfriend. Let him know you’re thinking about him by sending him a text while you’re on your work break. Even a short text saying, “Long day at work, can’t wait to see your face on video chat tonight!” shows that you are longing to see him and that he is one of the highlights of your day. Send him a link to a website or a video of something related to an inside joke between the two of you -- anything to remind him that you wish he were with you.


Make a scrapbook filled with pictures and handwritten notes detailing the good times you’ve had together -- whether it’s a romantic memory of your first date, or a time when you did something goofy that made you both laugh. Be as creative as you can to bring out the nostalgia. For example, if you used to frequent a diner during your early days as a couple, get a napkin from the diner to write your memories on and include it in the scrapbook. You can complete the scrapbook and send it to him, or get his help in completing it by sending it back and forth. Once he receives it, he can add his own favorite memories. It will be exciting to see a new memory included every time you receive the scrapbook in the mail.


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