Picking up his household chores in order to give your man a break is one way to show him you love him.

How to Show a Guy You Love Him Without Using Words

by Kristen Moutria

When you love a man, you want to be sure he knows your feelings for him and the fact that he means so much to you. You may constantly remind him that you value him and that you would be lost without him; however, your actions may be saying more than your words are. If you truly want to show a guy you love him, try using more actions and cutting back on what you say. You may be surprised at how loved your man will feel.

Sacrifice for Him

Doing something you would not otherwise do for the man you love is one way to show him you are putting his needs above your own. Author Chuck T. Falcon reports on the "Sensible Psychology" website that true love is about improving the life of the one you care about, without asking to be repaid. Authors and hosts of the relationship website "Happy Marriage Advice" Mike Brown and Charlie Michaels state that consciously doing something you do not want to do simply because you know it will please your spouse is a way to demonstrate love. For example, watching sports with your guy, even if you are not interested in them, has the potential to brighten his day.

Listen to Him

Making the decision to listen to the man you love and to resist interrupting him is an effective way to demonstrate your affection for him. Clinical psychologist Susan Heitler says on the "Psychology Today" website that "listening is loving," and instead of brushing your husband's words aside, you should listen with genuine interest in order to understand him. He will know you are trustworthy and feel secure in the fact that if he needs to be vulnerable with you, he can.

Give Him a Hug

Giving the man you love a hug and making physical contact with him a priority will show him how much you love him. Heitler reports that cuddling, hugging and being intimate with one another will all help sustain a loving and close-knit relationship. If your man seems to be having a bad day, simply give him a hug and enjoy being physically close to him.

Do Household Chores

Going out of your way to help out around the house will show your man that you want to make his life a little easier. Brown and Michaels state that assuming one of your man's chores is a simple way to show love. Washing the car, doing the dishes or even mowing the lawn will do. The next time you have a free moment and want to make your man happy, pick up one of his chores and give him the time he needs to relax and unwind.

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