Being committed to recovery is a fundamental way to show love after your partner has cheated on you.

How to Show Love After Being Cheated On

by Kristen Moutria

If you still want to remain married to the person who cheated on you, you might not know exactly how to express forgiveness or show love. Perhaps you are still overwhelmed with emotions of sadness, and are afraid of communicating with your partner out of fear that you will have a breakdown. However, the majority of marriages not only last through infidelity, but actually may become stronger and closer as a result, according to the American Association for Marriage and Family Therapy. By finding the cause of your partner's unfaithfulness, being committed to recovery, attempting to forgive him and working on your relationship, you will show love after being cheated on and take the right steps to rekindle your romance.

Find the Cause

Discovering the reason your partner cheated on you can reveal a host of relationship problems you may not know about. An affair is often symptomatic of problems that already existed in your relationship, according to Dr. Stephen Diamond, clinical and forensic psychologist and author, as cited on "Psychology Today.” You may have had poor communication, a lack of essential intimacy in your relationship, or embitterment towards one another. By speaking with your partner and finding out what caused him to cheat, you are demonstrating understanding and showing love.

Be Committed to Recovery

One way to encourage your partner and show her love is to be committed to relationship recovery after her unfaithfulness. Instead of rubbing her mistake in her face or constantly bringing up the pain she caused you, let her know that you are still devoted to your relationship as long as she cuts off all contact with the person she cheated on you with. Vital progress towards recovery can start almost immediately in a couple where both parties are committed, according to Bill Herring, a licensed clinical social worker and certified sex addiction therapist.

Attempt to Forgive

While it may not be easy for you to forgive your partner right away, trying to forgive him a little bit each day will bring you two closer together. Every small effort of forgiveness will bring a reward, and eventually you may not remember the pain you thought would always control you, according to Suzie Johnson, a relationship coach and co-founder of The Marriage Wellness Institute in Dallas, Texas. While thoughts of your cheating partner might make forgiving him a difficult task, do not pressure yourself to let go of his actions all at once. Give yourself time, and eventually you will feel close to him again. He will appreciate your effort and feel loved in return.

Work on Your Relationship

Focus on having one-on-one time with your partner to rekindle the intimate connection you once enjoyed. If her infidelity was an indicator of relationship problems, work on becoming close to your partner so that these issues do not creep up again. Spend an afternoon getting to know each other more at a coffee shop, or join a class together to discover a different side of one another. Your devotion to your love will show your partner commitment, and demonstrate the fact that you still love him despite his infidelity.

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