Preschoolers love silly and crazy games.

Silly Games for Preschoolers

by Rebecca Bagwell

Seeing your preschooler coming out wearing a tiger costume with her princess heels and a cowboy hat, you figure out quickly that being silly is a normal part of a preschooler's life. Prancing around in strange get-ups, making up crazy words and giggling at everything in sight, your preschooler thinks the sillier the better in her world. Join in the fun by playing silly games with your preschooler using silly songs and zany animals to create fun memories.

Story Props

Gather a basket full of dress-up accessories to play a comical dress-up game. Introduce your preschooler as the hero of the story, allowing him to pick something out of the basket with his eyes closed. Use the prop he chose to begin a story he has to act out. Every few minutes, ask him to close his eyes and pull out another prop. Continue until he is wearing as many props as possible. Place all the props back into the basket and begin again, if you wish, since every time will create a different zany story.

Hokey Pokey

The Hokey Pokey is a silly game to play any time you need to get the wiggles out of your preschooler. You can use almost any body motions you want with this song as you jiggle around your arms and legs. Pretend to move like an octopus or bird or another favorite animal while shaking it all about. You can also vary the speed each time you sing this song. Start very slowly then build up to singing it as fast as you can.

Silly Billy

Play a crazy mash-up version of Follow the Leader and Simon Says. Your preschooler should ask you, "What time is it, Silly Billy?" You answer by saying "It's time to jump like a frog." Start leading him around until you give the signal to ask again. As long as he says "Silly Billy," keep coming up with crazy motions for him to do, like rub his tummy or walk like a duck. Stay in an open area where you won't run into any sharp edges to stay safe.

Animal Relays

Use a bean bag to balance back and forth from an orange cone to work on your preschooler's coordination. Pretend to be different animals to make this silly. Call out an animal so your preschooler can pretend to walk like that animal. Place the bean bag on her back or in her paw and tell her to make noises like the animal as she quickly tries to get back without dropping the bean bag. Choose fun animals like dogs, horses, chickens and even penguins, carrying the bean bag between the ankles.

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