Teach your preschooler about the Bible with fun crafts.

Simple Bible Object Lessons for Preschoolers

by Kelly Sundstrom

Did you know that simple objects can help you teach preschoolers about the Bible? Many people spend a lot of money on expensive Bible curriculum to put together lessons, but with ordinary objects such as food or household items, you can create effective Bible lessons at minimal cost. Your little ones will get just as much out of a lesson that uses stones found in your yard as a lesson that requires pre-made toys or store-bought Christian materials.


Young children love to eat, and you can use this enjoyment of food to put together great Bible lessons that are memorable and effective. For example, an apple could be used to teach a lesson about Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden. You can also use an olive when you talk about the Mount of Olives or a loaf of bread to teach preschoolers about Jesus being the "bread of life." Once you use the foods as simple Bible objects to teach the lessons, allow your little one to snack on the foods as a delicious treat.

Household Items

If you really want to save money for Bible lessons, try looking at some of the items you have lying around your house. You can squeeze water into a simple kitchen sponge to explain to your preschooler how to fill up his own life with the love of God. Hand soap can be used to talk about washing away sins to live a pure and good life.

The Outdoors

Use objects from the out of doors if you want to give an impromptu Bible lesson when taking your preschooler on a nature hike. Gather colorful fall leaves to teach about how God made everyone unique and different, but that everyone is loved and special to God. Collect mud, dirt and small stones in a jar to talk about how God formed the Earth in the book of Genesis.

Craft Supplies

If your preschooler loves to do arts and crafts, turn this passion into a lesson about the Bible by using the craft supplies as simple Bible objects. For example, you can use wooden craft sticks as a bridge to talk about how Jesus is the bridge to heaven. Tie yarn loosely around your child's finger to teach her about making a promise to God to be faithful and to follow God's laws throughout her life.

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