A pre-lit Christmas tree eliminates the seasonal task of stringing lights around it.

Simple Ways to Decorate a Living Room for Christmas

by Mary Cockrill

Simplify your life during the Christmas season by spending less time decorating your living room and more time having fun with your kids. Simple decor makes it easy and quick to get your living room into the holiday spirit without consuming all of your precious time and resources. Keep your Christmas decorations stored in organized, labeled containers to make it easier to find the holiday decor each year.


Because a Christmas tree is the main holiday attraction in your living room, it typically requires a significant amount of time and effort to decorate it every year. Save the hassle involved in stringing multiple light strands around your tree by buying a pre-lit artificial Christmas tree. Sit down with your kids and create colorful construction paper chains, natural popcorn garlands and paper snowflake cutouts to adorn your tree with simple, homemade decorations. Add a few shiny ornaments for a glittering touch. Top your tree with a handmade paper angel and cover your tree base with a colorful quilt for irresistible country Christmas charm.


Garlands provide a simple way to add instant holiday vibes to your living room. Wrap a natural evergreen garland around a staircase banister, over the top of your fireplace mantel or above a large mirror to freshen the air with a woodsy scent that delivers an earthy Christmas appeal. Fasten silk poinsettias and satin bows onto your garland with florist wire to add visual interest with a grownup look. Use artificial garlands for economical decor you can use for many Christmases. Decorate faux greenery with small toys, wooden alphabet blocks, candy canes and kid-inspired ornaments for a garland your kids will love.


A fireplace mantel offers an ideal spot to display your favorite holiday collectibles, such as Christmas globes, nutcrackers, Santa Clauses or a miniature Christmas village. Your kids will enjoy gazing at your special holiday treasures while you keep them out-of-reach from their curious little hands. Sprinkle a few votive holders filled with white candles throughout your mantel display to radiate a warm cozy glow. Tuck sprigs of holly berry all through the arrangement for a soft touch. Bookend your display with a lighted topiary at each end of the mantel to add earthy texture with a festive flair. Hang traditional stockings from your mantel for simple decor that will delight your children with the hope of being filled with wonderful surprises on Christmas morning.


Exchange decorative toss pillows and furniture throws for holiday-inspired replacements. Tuck your toss pillows and throws inside a nearby storage ottoman or bench to quickly replace them in their usual spots after the holidays. Replace your normal wall decor with Christmas-inspired paintings for a quick change of scenery. Delight your children by adorning a living room wall with an oversize painting of Santa racing through the nighttime sky in his sleigh pulled by magical reindeer. Stash your typical wall decorations in a nearby closet or slide them underneath your sofa for speedy retrieval after the holidays are over. Situate colorful poinsettias in assorted sizes on tabletops, plant stands, fireplace hearths and window ledges to spread holiday cheer throughout your living room.

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