Your local bike shop is a great place to get sized for your Cannondale frame.

How to Size a Cannondale Bicycle

by Max Roman Dilthey

Cannondale has been an innovator in bicycle technologies for the past several decades, initially revolutionizing the mountain biking industry before moving on to create some of the best road and hybrid bikes available. Because Cannondale is a U.S. manufacturer with a long history of participation and support of the cycling industry, it applies the same standard of measurement as most other bike producers; this means these bikes are easy to size. Grab a tape measure and your biking shoes and decide which Cannondale frame is perfect for your dimensions.

Measure the length of your inseam. You'll need to wear the shoes you intend to cycle in, such as clipless shoes or traditional sneakers. Measure from the pubic bone between your legs all the way to the base of your heel. This measure is known as your pubic bone height and is the standard for sizing a bicycle frame.

Match your inseam measurement to a standard frame size using a conversion chart. These charts are readily available from manufacturer's websites for companies like Cannondale. They will show the frame size best suited to a rider with your specific inseam, which is measured on a bike frame as the standover height. The distance between the seat tube and the floor should be about 1-inch shorter than your inseam measurement, so you can stand comfortably over the top tube without touching it.

Find the ideal height for the saddle. The distance from the pedal at its lowest rotation and the saddle should be about 10 centimeters less than your inseam to allow for good cycling form. Once you mount the bike, you can check if the saddle is too high or low. If your knee is severely bent, you will need to raise the saddle. If you cannot bend your leg at all or reach the pedal, it needs to be lowered.

Determine what stem size suits your dimensions for the handlebars. Individuals with longer arms can compensate for a shorter top tube with a longer stem. Your handlebars should come out level with your saddle height, or close to it. A good handlebar position will reduce strain.

Items you will need

  • Cycling shoes
  • Tape measure


  • A bike shop employee is trained to perform all the measurements necessary for sizing a frame, and can assist you in finding your perfect fit on a Cannondale bike.


  • A poorly fitted bike can contribute greatly to muscle strain and may impair your ability to steer or dismount the bicycle, making it unsafe to ride. Size yourself carefully for your frame to ensure the best possible riding experience.

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