Skinny jeans are fashionable, but sometimes you just need some space.

How to Get Skinny Jeans to Be Less Tight

by Michael Briggs

Skinny jeans are a trendy style for men and women, but sometimes these jeans become too uncomfortable for wear. Whether you have put on some extra weight or just grown tired of the tightness, skinny jeans can be stretched to better fit your preference. While it may seem that skinny jeans would be a tough article of clothing to expand, these jeans can be stretched just like you would any other pair of pants.

Put on your pair of skinny jeans.

Spray the jeans with warm water until they are damp.

Move around in the jeans until they loosen up.

Let the jeans dry on your body to help retain the newly stretched shape.

Items you will need

  • Spray bottle with water


  • Wash jeans by hand and hang them to air dry. Continued washing and drying of jeans can make them tighter, so try your best to minimize the amount of times you put them through the washer and avoid the dryer all together.

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