You'll hear giggles and small talk as the teens participate in activities.

Sleepover Activities for Teen Girls

by Wannikki Taylor

Your teenage daughter is going to want to plan a sleepover at some time during her formative years whether it is to celebrate a milestone birthday or to have a girl’s night in. You will need to plan organized activities as part of the night's agenda to keep teen girls from putting your house in disarray. Encourage your teen and her friends to engage in all kinds of fun before they retire for the night.

Food Fun

Give the teenage girls full access to your kitchen to prepare their own desserts as part of the party's menu. Let the teens bake their own batch of cupcakes and individually decorate their cupcakes. The teens wouldn't be able to eat their treats just yet, surprise the teens with a twist. Let the teens play a cupcake walk. Set chairs in a large circle with a number on each chair according to the number of guests. Place the cupcakes on a nearby table, each with an assigned number. Play music and let the girls walk around the chairs. When the music stops, everyone must run to a seat. Pick a number out of a hat. The teen with that chair number must remove herself from the game and eat the numbered cupcake. Continue playing until only one teen remains.

Art Creations

Arts and crafts will allow teen girls to have some hands-on fun. Let teens make their own rings. Set out an assortment of small beads in diverse shapes and colors on a table. Have each teen cut a six-inch piece of elastic thread. Let each teen string enough beads on to make an appropriate sized ring for her finger. To complete their rings, have them thread one end of the ring and push a small needle through about five beads. Have them cut it and repeat with the ring's other end. Teens can also decorate their own T-shirts and pants. Let them dip sponges in acrylic paint to make their own designs on plain T-shirts and old jeans. Once the items are dry, the teens can have a fashion show to show off their creations.

Comedy Time

All teenage girls love to laugh. Encourage their silliness by letting them play comical games. Each teen can do her own infomercial. Have each teen pick a personal care item such as shampoo or deodorant from her overnight bag. Set a 30-second time limit for each teen to promote her product in a funny way. She must remember to make it comical by using exaggeration and jokes. Record the silly commercials for teens to play back and watch repeatedly. Have everyone vote on the silliest commercial and reward the winner with a jokes book. In addition to commercials, you can have the teens do their own celebrity impersonations. Provide them with makeup, props and dress-up items to pretend to be their favorite singer or actress for their friends. The onlookers will have to guess the celebrity.

Indoor Oasis

Creating an indoor oasis will promote relaxation for the teenage girl’s right before bedtime. Set up small makeover stations for the teens to give each other new hairstyles, pedicures and manicures. Provide girls with facial mask cream and cucumber slices to put on to make their skin soft and clear. Set a spa atmosphere. Play soft music and let the teens get dressed in robes, close their eyes and not worry about school stresses or boyfriends. Set up a nearby treat table with miniature sandwiches and fruit smoothies. For a different approach, have an indoor beach. Let teens put on swimsuits and lay out on beach towels. Let them watch their favorite summer romantic comedies. Have them make sand art creations by layering colored sand art in plastic bottles. If you have enough room, have them play a limbo game to popular summer music hits.

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