Sun Salutations serve as a warm-up for your workout.

Slimnastics Exercises

by Elle Di Jensen

If you break down and analyze every new fitness craze that comes along, you'll see that most incorporate exercises and moves you probably already know. The hook is usually that they put those moves together in a innovative, new way that gets you excited about exercising. Slimnastics is no different from the other workout regimens in that respect. Although it's presented in a fresh, stimulating way, it's still made up of exercises from other workouts.

Multiple Workout Disciplines

Slimnastics is what you get when you bring multiple types of workouts together. It incorporates aspects of gymnastics, yoga, plyometrics and even cheerleading. Be forewarned: bringing these elements together can be challenging and might be difficult for a beginner or someone who is just starting to work out.

The Moves

The good news is that you don't need special equipment for the exercises you do in a Slimnastics workout. Some of the moves borrowed from plyometrics include jump tucks, spring squats and toe touches. Planks play a big part, with a number of variations to work on that important midsection, your core. Other yoga moves, such as forearm stands, Tree pose and Crow pose, help with balance, and you'll find yourself in Downward Facing Dog from time to time. And to get you fired up as much as for fitness reasons, cheerleader-type moves such as cartwheels, backbends and handstands are sprinkled throughout.

Fast Pace

In order for the workout to be as effective as it claims to be, the pace is fast. That helps keep the enthusiasm and the enjoyment factors up in addition to your heart rate but, coupled with the specific moves, it can be challenging. That's not to say that these combinations of exercises cannot be effective if performed at a slower pace, your progress will just be slower than if you were to exercise at full speed.

Warming Up, Cooling Down

Like all safe and effective workouts, this one starts with a warm-up and ends with a cool-down, and both are borrowed from yoga. Warming up, perform a couple of minutes of variations of Sun Salutations before moving directly into the workout. Then afterward, spend 5 minutes stretching your muscles and cooling down with side-bending poses such as Head to Knee and Gate pose, as well as twists, shoulder rolls and neck stretches.


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