Games will encourage a stronger bond between your teen's small group of friends.

Small Group Slumber Party Games for Teens

by Wannikki Taylor

Your teenage may want to plan a slumber party but will be unable to invite all of his or her friends due to your family's compact dwellings. Though there won't be a large crowd, your teen can still have tons of fun with an intimate amount of friends. Introduce your teen and their guests to games they can play that will cater to their small group.

Food Games

Group games involving food will please the raging appetites of typical teenagers. Pass around a bowl of colored chocolate candies. Inform teenagers to pick as much candy as they desire. Assign a topic to each color. For example, blue can mean "school," yellow can mean "family" and red can mean "hobbies." Each teen must give a fact about themselves pertaining to the colors chosen. Plan a blindfolded food tasting contest. Blindfold the teens and place a bowl containing food in front of them. Declare the first teen to correctly guess the mystery food as the winner.

Musical Games

Musical games will encourage small groups of teens to rock to and sing along to their favorite hits. Compile a list of ten popular songs. Provide the teens with a numbered sheet. Play a snippet of each song. Have the teens guess the song and write down their answers on the sheet. Collect the sheets and see how many correct answers each teen guessed. The teen with the most correct answers is the winner. For a different approach, play a snippet of a few songs and let each teen take a turn to finish the rest of the lyrics.

Makeover Games

Makeover games will allow your small group of teen girls to create new looks with simple beauty products. Let each teen pick and put on her own set of press-on adhesive nails. Give an orange to each teen. Each teen must peel the orange without breaking a nail. The teen who is able to completely peel the orange with the least amount of broken nails is the winner. For a hilarious game, have teens do makeup makeovers. Blindfold a teen and give her a makeup kit to attempt to correctly apply makeup to another teen. The teen who does the silliest makeover is the winner.

Scavenger Hunts

A small teen group will enjoy scavenger hunts because it will allow more prizes for everyone. Plan a glow-in-the-dark scavenger hunt. Hide glow-in-the dark jewelry or key chains throughout different rooms. Turn off all the lights and give each teen a flashlight. They must collect as many items as they can and report back to you. Let each teen keep her collection as a prize. As a different approach, hide different kinds of slippers in discrete places around your home. Let each teen scope the house to find the slippers. Once they are done, let each teen who found matching pairs keep them as prizes.

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