Safely bring an owl into your home through crafts.

Snow Owl Crafts for Preschoolers

by Susan Revermann

Whether you decide on a feathered, snowy, stuffed or chalky friend, your preschooler will flock to the table to create an owl craft. Bringing this snowy owl craft into your home provides a warmer and safer environment than its natural Arctic habitat, although it may appear to resemble a zoo to him.

Pine Cone Owl

Get those pine cones out of the yard and into your craft station. Tell your preschooler to squeeze out a large glob of white glue onto a paper plate. Have her roll the pine cone around in the gooey mess until thoroughly coated. Move the pine cone over to some spread-out newspaper. Sprinkle some fake snow on it and add a couple of googly eyes. Let it dry thoroughly.

Feathery Friend

Nothing says feathered friend more than, well, feathers. Grab two small paper plates and cut one of them in half to make the wings. Hand over the glue and let your preschooler attach one wing to each side of the whole paper plate. Drop a handful of white feathers on your table. Let your preschooler spread a layer of glue on the paper plate owl and attach the feathers on it. Add a couple black buttons as eyes and an orange foam triangle for the beak to complete your feathered friend. Allow this creation to dry before moving it; otherwise, you may have an early molt on your hands.

Stuffed Owl

Turn your old Sunday newspaper into a snow owl, well at least his insides. Fill a white paper lunch sack with balled-up newspaper. Fold the top of the bag over a few times when you’re done and tape it in place to seal the bag up. Hand a pair of kids' scissors over to your preschooler and have her cut a handful or two of white yarn into pieces. Once she’s done with the yarn, which probably resembles a ball of shredded pulp at this point, have her spread a layer of glue on the bag and attach the yarn as its feathers. Add two googly eyes and an orange triangle cut out of construction paper and you’ve got yourself a stuffed owl.

Chalk Drawing

Since owls hunt at night, this opens the door to a chalk drawing activity. Grab a piece of black construction paper and some colored chalk. Let your preschooler draw an owl on the paper, as well as some trees, a moon and any other creatures that may be lurking in the deep, dark woods.

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