Facial hair is easily concealed or removed in most cases.

How to Soften the Appearance of Facial Hair

by David Lipscomb

Facial hair is not always a desirable feature. Even though permanent removal is always possible through laser treatments, those can be painful and often costly. Fortunately, there are numerous methods and products available to reduce the appearance of -- or eliminate entirely -- facial hair from men and women alike.

Wipe your makeup pad in the direction of the hair -- usually downward -- to mask the appearance of peach fuzz. This helps with blending the color of the hair into your skintone.

Shave away the hair or use a hair trimmer. For nose and ear hair, small rotary trimmers are available to facilitate this pain-free. Although shaving is of course temporary, it's also pain-free and quite effective for hair of all lengths.

Tweeze problematic or thicker hair. Although often painful, this removes the hair at the root, slowing its return when compared to shaving.

Wax the area. Although as effective as tweezing, waxing is potentially quite painful and often irritates skin.

Items you will need

  • Makeup or concealer
  • Razor or hair trimmer
  • Tweezers
  • Facial wax


  • Professional laser and thermal treatments are more permanent options if you don't want to handle the repetitive temporary techniques.

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