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How to Find Someone to Perform a Marriage Ceremony in Colorado

by Lauren Vork

Whether you're a resident of Colorado or interested in a destination wedding, marriage in this Rocky Mountain state can be a beautiful way for you and your fiancee to start your life together. Finding an officiant to perform your ceremony to the standards of Colorado law is a low-hassle affair, made easy by lenient requirements and a wide variety of accessible religious, legal and business associations.


Colorado is one of the few states in the US where couples may solemnize their own vows. This means that you don't legally need an officiant, provided that you and your fiancee are the ones who sign the marriage certificate to legalize your marriage. An officiant may still be a part of the ceremony in this case, just not the legal process. If you go this route, your options for who performs your ceremony will be wide open; you can ask any friend or family member you like to do the ceremony.

Freelance Officiant

You may locate a freelance wedding officiant through wedding expo conventions, such as the Rocky Mountain Bridal Show which occurs annually in Denver. Alternately, locate an officiant through the Colorado Association of Wedding Officiants. Officiants who advertise with organizations are more likely to be experienced or even career officiants who can lend a personal touch and some showmanship to your ceremony. They may or may not be certified to solemnize your vows, depending on their individual qualifications.

Religious Ceremonies

All church and religious organizations recognized in Colorado may officiate your wedding and legally solemnize your vows on the marriage certificate. Each church organization will have its own rules and requirements for an engaged couple. Usually, one or both of you must be members of that denomination, though not necessarily of that individual church unless the church is independent. In Colorado, Christian churches are found throughout the state with many very large church organizations located in the Colorado Springs area. Mosques and synagogues are most commonly found in the Denver metro area.


Both active and retired county judges in Colorado may perform weddings and legally solemnize vows. To locate a judge, contact your local county or city offices. The City of Denver maintains an online listing of area judges available to perform ceremonies, complete with names, phone numbers and e-mail contact information.

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