Use natural items for your spa night.

Spa Ideas for a Girl's Night for Teenagers

by Kimberly Dyke

Whether your teenage daughter is having a sleepover with her BFFs or a girl’s night with a larger crowd, a spa theme is sure to make everyone feel pampered and relaxed. The hands-on spa activities help the girls connect and build relationships while feeling like grown ups. Rotating through different stations will keep your girl’s night flowing smoothly. Hire a cosmetology student to perform various treatments, or allow the girls to take turns pampering each other.


Create a spa atmosphere for your teenage guests as soon as they walk in the door. Soothing nature or classical music will set the mood, along with candles and vases of flowers or grass. Continue the spa theme by setting out soft white towels, wash cloths and hair bands. Place your treatment supplies in baskets at each station, such as nail polish, cotton balls and files. Clearing away all extra clutter will help create a more authentic spa environment.


Teenagers love to eat, and a spa night get-together is no exception. In keeping with the spa theme, serve light and simple beverages, such as water with lime and mint, fruit smoothies or chilled green tea. Cucumber sandwiches, fruit salad, cheeses and rustic bread are satisfying fare that the girls are sure to gobble up. Don’t forget to offer an array of desserts, including key lime pie, fruity parfaits and macadamia nut cookies.


Taking care of your skin is a key element in spa treatments. The girls can each take turns placing their hands and feet into a warm paraffin wax bath and peeling off the wax to reveal soft, supple skin. For a facial, give the girls the option of applying a store-bought mud mask or making their own concoction. Guests can mix together natural exfoliators and astringents, such as oats, avocado, olive oil and lavender, to make a one-of-a-kind facial scrub. Rinse the mask after 15 minutes and apply a moisturizer to the skin. Foot and back massagers are a pleasant way to soothe aching muscles while waiting for your mask to set.


No spa treatment would be complete without a manicure and pedicure. Guests can soak their hands and feet in hot water with natural items like Epsom salt, rosemary and honey. When the skin and nails are soft, exfoliate and massage them with lotion. Shape the nails with a file and paint them in the latest colors. Give each girl a gift bag with a manicure set or small massager as the evening draws to a close.

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