Try a preseason BBQ so players can socialize before hitting the field.

Spirit Ideas for Lacrosse Parents

by Darlene Peer

If you're wondering about ways to put a little bounce in your favorite lacrosse player's step, why stop there? Ignite a passion for the game in the entire team with spirit-building ideas. Getting the team together off of the field is always a good place to start. It lets them build friendships that go beyond yelling suggestions and passing the ball mid-game.

Create a Slogan

Whether it's motivational or just plain funny, a catchy slogan can really get your players going and bring the team together. Try holding a team-wide contest to see what the players come up with; you can include parents and siblings, as well. You can even include fans. If you're looking for a few suggestions to get your players started, try something funny or inspiring, like "Chicks with Sticks," "Teamwork Makes the Dream Work" or "Outwork. Outplay. Outlast."


Sure, the kids have a uniform but what about something less formal that they can wear to show off their team spirit even when they're not on the field? Encourage the players by holding a design contest and see what the players come up with on their own. Add a team logo and your motto or slogan. If you have any championship wins, add the dates on the back of the shirt for a little free advertising for your team. Sell extra shirts to fans to raise funds for trips and tournaments.

Field Trip

Build camaraderie off the field by taking the team on a trip. Try booking a paintball trip and divide the team so offense is playing against defense. You can also make it parents against the team. Everyone can meet afterward for a team dinner. If any of the parents have a pool, get the team together for a pool party. Socializing and engaging in a little friendly competition is a good way for the team to relax together and build trust between members.

Ring and Run

This exercise will get your team talking right before a playoff game. Find something that you can hang on a doorknob, like a seasonal wooden door hanger celebrating Christmas or Halloween. Buy enough for the entire team. Write a message on each one. Start with the player's name and then add the same message for each player. For example, on a pumpkin door hanger, write "Ellie, carve up the competition." Divide the door hangers between various parents and then drive to each team member's house. Ring the doorbell, hang the hanger on the doorknob and then take off. Have your driver waiting in the car so you can make a quick getaway. The team will buzz with speculation about who rang their bell. With the school's permission, you can also hang them on the team's lockers, although you may have a greater chance of getting caught.

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