Help him enjoy sports just as much off the field as on the field.

Sports and Art Ideas for Preschoolers

by Rosenya Faith

She likes soccer and baseball just as much as she likes painting and gluing, so why make her choose? You can combine her love for sports and art with some sporty art crafts and activities that she can hang on her wall, display on her shelf or use to stimulate her little taste buds.

Sporty Art

If your little munchkin can’t decide between sports and art, why not let him combine them both with a sporty painting activity? Add a little bit of paint to a small wading pool or a shallow pan and let him roll a soccer ball, basketball or even a baseball in the paint. Have him take the ball out of the wading pool and roll it across a big piece of painting paper. Let him try the activity with a few different types of balls to see the different patterns the balls make on the paper. You can try the same activity with footprints from different types of sports shoes as well.

Sports Shoes

Let her keep a pair of her favorite sports shoes in her room, without having to worry about the smell! Have your little athlete stand on a piece of construction paper in her favorite sports shoes and trace around the shoes. Cut them out from the construction paper and then let her decorate the shoes with paint or markers to look just like her favorite footwear. Poke a few holes in the paper shoes with a hole punch and thread some string through the shoes to look just like the shoelaces. Hang up the shoes on the wall in her room for a reminder of her favorite sport and art activity.

3D Football

If your little sports fan is a football enthusiast, let him create a football with some construction paper to display in his room. Start the activity by drawing a football shape on a big piece of construction paper. Draw another identical shape and cut out both footballs. Poke some little holes all the way around the outer edges of both shapes and then let him decorate the football to make it look authentic. When he’s finished, hold the two football shapes together and thread string through the holes to hold the two shapes together. Leave a little gap and stuff it with tissue paper and then seal the gap with the string. Voila -- his very own handmade football!

Sporty Cookie Art

When your little sports and art enthusiast also happens to be an aspiring chef, why not combine all three in the kitchen? Have her help you make a batch of sugar cookies and roll out the dough. Cut out sports shapes from the dough with cookie cutters, bake and then cool the cookies. Now it’s time to let her get creative. Lay out icing, colored sugars and other edible decorations and let her turn each sports-themed cookie into a work of art. By the time she’s done, nobody will be able to resist indulging in the tasty treats. Take her outside afterward for a little game of soccer to ensure she stays healthy and fit even after her yummy cookies.


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