A trench coat is a slick and stylish option for women.

Standard Female Wardrobe Pieces

by Whitney DeGroat

Building a wardrobe will help you get dressed, but it can be tricky as well. Choose pieces that work well together and you'll always have something to wear, even in a hurry. Pick pieces that stand the test of time and you'll never be out of style.

Dark Denim Diva

From Sunday brunch with family to a Friday night movie with friends, dark-wash jeans will take you just about anywhere in style. Their versatility is due in large part to their dark color, which not only helps slim legs and thighs, but also makes jeans a bit dressier when paired with a cardigan or nice blouse.

Black Dress Beauty

The little black dress, or LBD, is a common standby in women's wardrobes. Wear it anyplace you'd like to dress up, whether at an office party or a steamy dinner date. A black dress doesn't have to be boring; try one with special details and embellishments, such as a peplum waist or a deep V-neckline, to keep things interesting. A a brightly colored shoe or statement necklace for an unexpected pop of color.

Perfect Black Pants

Some workplaces may welcome the wearing of jeans, but if your job doesn't allow it, try a sleek pair of black pants. They're just as versatile as dark denim, but more suitable for many workplaces and give a dressier vibe. However, they can easily cross over to casual when paired with a denim jacket and button down, or a bright-colored tee.

White Shirt Sophisticate

Crisp and classic, a white button-down shirt is an option that will never steer your wrong. Pair one with jeans for a put-together weekend look, or wear it beneath a blazer for the office. It even works for after hours with a pair of slim black pants.

Fox in Flats

Flats are an easy, comfortable way to slip into feminine style. They may not give you the height advantage heels will provide, but they rank just as high on the style index. Try some in a bright shade or unexpected print to provide a little interest to any outfit.

Big-Shot in a Blazer

With its sharply professional appeal, a blazer adds an essence of power to any outfit. Try one with a nipped-in waist; it will add shape to your figure and keep it from looking boxy. Wear it with dress pants or a sleek pencil skirt to work, or relax the look with a flowing skirt, jeans or even dressy shorts.

Trench Coat Cutie

Trench coats are an ever-stylish option for women's outerwear. They give a sleek finish to nearly any look, from jeans and a tee to a skirt and blouse. Just steer clear of bulky sweaters that can bulge out from beneath a trench coat and create unflattering lumps and bumps.

Cardigan Countess

In the same way that a blazer adds strength and power an outfit, a cardigan will soften your look. Try one with jeans and a tee for casual days, or with slacks and a camisole for dressier days. Cardigans are soft enough by themselves and can look dumpy with shapeless skirts or pants; keep the look balanced and figure-flattering by wearing them with structured trousers, slim jeans or shapely skirts.

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