Get rid of static on your sheer blouse with things you already have at home.

How to Get Static out of a Sheer Blouse

by Kimbry Parker

You’re looking chic in your sheer blouse, but then you notice it’s sticking to your skin like glue. There’s no reason to sacrifice your fashion because of a little static. Banishing static cling is simple -- simply make use of a few common household items and soon your sheer blouse will fit freely without the cling.

Add a half cup of white vinegar to the washing machine while washing clothes. If you dry the blouse in the dryer, take it out while it’s still slightly damp and let it air dry the rest of the way. If the blouse is made of synthetic or nylon fabric, avoid using the dryer altogether; instead, air dry the shirt to help prevent static.

Bend a metal or wire coat hanger so that it’s straight. Run the hanger between your skin and the blouse to dissolve the electrical charge.

Take off the blouse and rub hand lotion onto your skin. This will add moisture, which will banish the static.

Fill a clean spray bottle with water. Mist the blouse with water to break the electrical charge and stop the static.

Items you will need

  • Metal or wire coat hanger
  • Hand lotion
  • Spray bottle

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