In addition to vacuuming properly, have your wool rug cleaned professionally every year or two.

How to Stop Fuzz From Coming Up on a Wool Rug

by Melissa King

Wool rugs add warmth and luxury to any room in your home, including the living room, bedroom or den. If your rug starts shedding and leaving behind fuzz, you may worry that it's a factory defect. All wool rugs naturally shed, though, and it's impossible to completely stop this from happening. Vacuuming the rug incorrectly will make the fuzzing and shedding even worse. You can minimize the amount of fuzz on your rug by vacuuming it properly.

Choose the right vacuum for your wool carpet. Vacuum cleaners without a beater bar work best for loop-pile wool carpets, because beater bars can cause this type of weave to fuzz and distort. A beater bar or rotating brush cleans cut-pile wool rugs well, but it may also cause shedding.

Adjust the beater bar, if your vacuum has one, to the right height before cleaning your wool rug. Raise the beater bar to its highest level, and then lower it so it just barely touches the pile. When you run the vacuum, you should not hear the motor slow down. If you do, raise the beater bar a little more until the motor speeds up again.

Vacuum a brand-new wool rug every few days for a week to eliminate excess fuzz and lint. After that, vacuum at least once per week to keep dirt at bay.

Vacuum your rug in one direction against the pile; then turn around and vacuum in the direction of the pile. Move to the next section of the rug and repeat the process. This method of vacuuming first lifts the pile and loosens dirt, then smooths out the pile for a smooth, fuzz-free finish.

Place an area rug over your wool carpet to shield it from wear and tear in high-traffic areas.

Items you will need

  • Vacuum
  • Area rug (optional)


  • Change or empty your vacuum's bag or dustbin regularly. When the dustbin is full, the vacuum won't perform well. You should empty or change the bin when it's at least halfway full.
  • Replace your vacuum's brushes when they start to look worn out. Old brushes lose their effectiveness and may even damage your rug.

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