Celebrate strawberries with your little berry pickers.

Strawberry Activities for Preschoolers

by Victoria Thompson

Little kids love to grab red, juicy strawberries and snack away. Strawberries are loaded with vitamin C, so let them eat up. It's good for you. Introducing strawberry activities to preschoolers, celebrates the fruit and shows how versatile it really is. Plus, it's a pretty fruit to look at.

Strawberry Taste Test

Set up a day of deliciousness with a strawberry taste test. Introduce all types of strawberry delights including: strawberries dipped in chocolate, strawberry ice-cream, strawberry jello and strawberry jam. The choices are endless, but don't forget the fresh strawberries. Limit the taste taste to four or five products so you don't overwhelm the little palates. Discuss the results and prepare the favorites for snacks in the future.

Examine Strawberry Plants

Visit a local nursery to pick up a few strawberry plants. Carefully examine the various parts of the plant and put on your gardening gear to begin digging. Place the plants in either large pots or dig up a small plot of dirt in the back yard. Assign your little one the task of caring for the plant. Once the strawberries are ready for picking, he can be proud of the fruit he's helped produce.

Make Strawberry Playdough

Who knew playdough could be edible? Let the kids help you make strawberry playdough and then let them help you eat it! Mix one cup water and two tablespoons oil. Place in the microwave for two minutes and then add 1 cup flour, 1/2 cup sugar and a pack of strawberry Kool-aid. That's the yummy part. Mix all the ingredients and you have playdough that you can shape for a while and then devour after play time.

Scented Strawberry

Cut out a strawberry template using white construction paper. Paint the strawberry red and paint black dots for seeds. Use only non-toxic colors and plenty of newpapers to clean up a messy art session. While the paint is still wet, sprinkle strawberry Jello over the paint to make the scented strawberry. Let the paint dry and cut out a leaf from green construction paper to attach. Your little one gets to decide where to hang his strawberry creation.

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