She can style her long, straight weave however she wants.

How to Style a Long Straight Weave

by Kim Dahlgren

There are several great ways to wear and style your long, straight hair weave. Whether you have a permanent or a clip-in weave, caring for your hair is a delicate process. Be sure to follow each step every time you style your weave, and you'll keep your hair looking fresh and beautiful.


Before you style your weave, you need to clean it. Gently brush out your weave to remove all knots and tangles, and then wash it using shampoo and conditioner. After removing the excess water, work some styling cream from the ends of the hair up to the roots, and then brush your hair through.


Use a hair dryer with a diffuser or a concentrator, depending on what style you've chosen. For a wavy or natural look, attach a diffuser to the end of your hair dryer and work your way around your head. If you'd like a straightened or curled style, use a concentrator for more precise styling.

Style Your Hair Straight

Once your hair is completely dry, decide if you need to use a hot styling tool, such as a flat iron or curling iron. If you choose to stick with a more natural or wavy look, you may be finished. To straighten your hair, separate your hair into 2-inch sections and take a flat iron from the root of the hair to the ends of each section, repeating as necessary. You can finish off this look by adding some hair oil for shine.

Curl Your Straight Hair

To curl your hair, separate it into 2-inch sections before gently wrapping each section around the barrel of a curling iron while you hold it vertically, holding for five to 10 seconds. The size of your curling iron influences the look of your curls, with smaller sizes creating tighter curls and bigger irons making bigger curls. Be sure to wrap each section moving away from your face, so your hair curls in that direction. Continue this process around the entire head, and finish with a blast of hair spray throughout your hair to set the look.

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