Moccasin boots are easy to style and match with almost any casual outfit.

How to Style Your Moccasin Boots With Your Outfit

by Leena Oijala

Moccasin boots are trendy, comfortable and easy to wear with any kind of casual and stylish outfit. There are different ways to style moccasin boots, depending on the style of the shoe, the height of the shoe, and the height and body shape of the wearer. Moccasin boots are super versatile as they can be dressed up or down and worn with almost any kind of garment in nearly any season.

With Dresses and Skirts

Moccasin boots look super cute with casual miniskirts and can be worn in the summer with bare legs and in the winter or fall with thick or sheer tights, depending on the weather. Moccasin boots also look great with boho-style maxi skirts, as they complement the gypsy/hippie look well. For a sexy and sleek look, pair moccasin boots with short and fitted dress. Celebrities have been spotted in ensembles of mid-calf moccasins and LBDs as well as knee-high moccasins and cozy sweater dresses.

With Pants and Jeans

For a casual but sophisticated look, pair moccasin boots with black or dark brown pants. If you have short or stocky legs, pair your dark-colored pants with a darker shade of moccasin boots to make your legs look longer. Moccasin boots look great with jeans, especially slim or skinny-fit ones. Take a cue from celebrity trend-setters -- wear your fringed moccasin boots with jeans and a striped sweater or tuck the hems of your favorite pair of pale skinny jeans into lace-up moccasin boots.

With Leggings

For a simple, comfortable and quick outfit choice, opt for leggings with your moccasin boots. Leggings can be worn with nearly any style of moccasin boot, but look sleeker and more stylish when paired with ones that fit around the calf and ankle. Choose a style with only one layer of fringing or no fringe if you're going for a simple and more casual look. Several layers of fringing on moccasin boots can be eye-catching and work well if the rest of your outfit is very simple.


Moccasin boots look best when the overall style of an outfit is casual, bohemian and laid back. The perfect bags to wear with moccasin boots are small, fringed bags, hobo bags, or simple leather or canvas bags. You can also top off your look with a bohemian hat like a wide-brimmed floppy hat or sport a simple fedora. Perhaps some feathers in your hair will also help bring out your inner hippie chic!

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