Lexington moms can enjoy a swim with their little ones.

Summer Kids Activities Near Lexington, VA

by Amy Sutton

Lexington, Virginia is situated along the Maury River and is home to the Virginia Military Institute. This small community offers many activities for young children during the summer months when they need something to keep them busy. Moms living in or visiting the area can always find something entertaining to do with their kids, from simply playing outdoors to learning where their food comes from.

Farm Tours

During the summer, local farms in Lexington, are open to the public. Moms can take the kids to Broadview Ranch (broadviewranch.com), built in the 1920s. Farm tours are available by reservation. You and the kids can learn about eating healthy, see where your food comes from and even meet some of the farmers who help run the farm. There are grass-fed cattle foraging in the pasture and you will learn this produces beef that is lower in fat and calories and it helps to increase the fertility of the pasture at the same time. Your little ones will get a kick out of the free range chickens getting their bellies full of grass and bugs. This diet helps the chickens produce eggs with rich, flavorful yolks. You might even have the opportunity to hold and pet one of the ranch chickens. The kids will love seeing all of the animals at Broadview Ranch and you can even purchase some farm-raised meat and eggs to take home with you.

Hull's Drive-In

Take your kids to Hull's Drive-In (hullsdrivein.com) to experience something most kids will never get to experience. With drive-in movie theatres becoming a thing of the past, this first ever non-profit drive-in is somewhere everyone in the Lexington area needs to visit. During the summer months two movies are played during the weekends. You can visit the drive-in website to find out what is playing each weekend. Not all of the movies playing will be appropriate for your toddlers and preschoolers but you can find out ahead of time and look up the ratings and decide what movie is most suitable for your family. Don't forget to bring your blankets and pillows to spread out in the grass or you can always snuggle up together in the car during the movie.


Everyone loves to go swimming in the summer and there are plenty of places to go in the Lexington area to take a refreshing swim. Take the kids to Goshen Pass, a gorgeous mountain gorge, to cool off in the summer. Cave Mountain Lake is a 7-acre swimming lake that is open to the public and maintained by the U.S. Forest Service. The whole family can enjoy a swim in these areas but you will want to make sure you bring life preservers for your toddlers and preschoolers. If you prefer a pool, there are four public swimming pools in the Lexington area as well. They are the Lake Robertson pool (no website; 106 Lake Robertson Drive, Lexington; 540-463-9893), Lexington Municipal pool (no website; Waddell Street, Lexington; 540-463-5441), the pool at Glen Maury Park (no website; 10th Street, Buena Vista; 540-261-7321) and the Blue Ridge Recreation Park pool (no website; Fairfield; 540-377-9237). If your little one is not yet toilet trained, you will need to bring along a swim diaper for him to wear in the pool.

Park Playgrounds

All kids love a day at the park, running and playing on the playground. Not only is this great exercise, it can give your kids an opportunity to play with friends and make new friends during the summer. There are six parks that have playgrounds in the Lexington area (lexingtonvirginia.com/playgrounds); Glen Maury Park, Kids Playce, Penny Park, Woods Creek Park, Richardson Park and Lake A. Willis Robertson. You will find that each of these parks have play equipment, like slides, swings and climbing structures appropriate for your preschooler. If you are looking for a park that has a play area more suitable for your toddler, your best bet would be going to Kids Playce or Woods Creek Park. Little ones will love the toddler swings, smaller slides and sand boxes. Most of these parks also have picnic areas. Moms can pack a picnic to enjoy with the kids when they get hungry after all of that play time.

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