Games are a great way to teach toddlers Bible lessons.

Sunday School Games for Toddlers

by Mary Davis

While you strive to teach your toddler Bible lessons, as you read or tell her stories you may notice that she gets bored easily. Instead of just talking, use fun activities to get the points across. This also goes for a group of toddlers, if you teach a Sunday school group. Games are a good way to present and reinforce Bible stories. So, put your teaching voice away and have fun with God's Word.


The stories of Creation and Noah's Ark include all kinds of critters, and toddlers love them all, even the creepy ones. Play a game like "Hot Potato," using gummy worms. Ask her to tell you how God provided a way for worms to move along the ground. Introduce her to ocean creatures. Draw some pairs of sharks on newsprint paper, and talk about Noah taking two of each kind of critter into the ark. Tape the pictures in a pattern on the floor, leaving a narrow path between sharks. Walk together through the shark pond, trying not to step on a shark and get bitten. Pretend to be elephants with long trunks instead of arms, and talk about how God provided a way for elephants to pick up their food. Put a loop of tape, sticky-side-out, at one end of a yard stick, then take turns trying to pick up peanut cutouts with the "elephant trunk."

Step, Step, Step

Several Bible stories are about walking or marching. Abraham and his entire family followed God's command for them to pack everything up and go where he led them. Moses led God's people out of Egypt, and they wandered in the wilderness for 40 years. Jesus and his followers traveled by foot to spread God's Word. Play a crazy-walk game, showing your little traveler how to do a scissor walk, turn circles as you walk or trudge through the sandbox. Inside the house, place some soft items like pillows on the floor, and take turns racing from one point to another, stepping carefully over the "obstacles."


Some of Jesus' followers were fishermen, and some Bible stories are about fish. Cut out several paper fish, and cut a hole in the center of each one. Tie a piece of crepe paper streamer around your fisherman's waist, leaving a 2-foot length hanging down the front. Sing, "Fishers of Men," or simply count the fish as she picks up each fish and laces it onto her "fishing line." Place some of the same paper fish on a table and take turns trying to blow on the fish to get them into a toy fishing net, to fish like Jesus' followers did.

Jesus Made People Well

Demonstrate some of the "healing" lessons from New Testament stories. Take turns trying to unwrap a stick of gum while wearing dark glasses. Your tot will love seeing Mommy wearing a blindfold to unwrap a stick of gum, too. Wrap some toilet tissue around your legs and hers, then try to walk. Tear off the paper and jump for joy that you can both walk. Have her cover her ears while you whisper something to her, like "You may go get a cookie." Say it louder and louder until she is "healed" -- she can hear.

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