Sunglasses crafts make children think of summer.

Sunglasses Crafts for Kids

by Kelly Sundstrom

When summer hits, it can be difficult to find the right activities to keep your children busy throughout the day, especially if you have toddlers and young preschoolers. Try setting up a few crafts related to summer and sunglasses to get your children in the mood for sunny fun.

Cardboard Sunglasses

Show your young child how to create her own whimsical sunglasses out of cardboard. Simply trace out the front view of a pair of sunglasses and two side ear pieces onto cardboard, then cut the pieces out. Make sure to cut out the eye holes, too. Tape or glue the ear pieces into place along the sides to create the sunglasses form, then let your child paint and decorate the sunglasses. Once the paint dries, cover the eye holes of the sunglasses with colored cellophane, taping the cellophane on to the inside.

Bejeweled Sunglasses

Help your child turn a pair of plain sunglasses into a pair that looks dazzling. Cover the glass part of the sunglasses with paint tape to protect the glass from paint or glue. Allow your child to paint the sunglasses with acrylic paint and then let her add glue on plastic jewels and glitter. Remove the paint tape when the glue and paint dries, and your little one will have an awesome pair of shades to wear in the summer.

Patriotic Sunglasses

Create a pair of sunglasses with your child to wear during a special occasion. For example, turn a pair of sunglasses patriotic in time for the Fourth of July. You can use standard patriotic decorations, like star confetti or red, white and blue streamers, and glue them all over the sunglasses with craft glue. Don't worry if the decorations stick up in all different directions because you want the patriotic sunglasses to look crazy and festive.

Sunglasses Picture Frame

Have you taken a fun beach vacation with your young child? Show your child how to make a picture frame with a sunglasses motif. Find whimsical foam sunglasses forms at any craft supply store, or cut out your own from a craft foam sheet. Glue the sunglasses form onto a wooden craft frame along with other decorations that symbolize having fun at the beach, like small seashells or starfish. Place a picture of you and your child from your vacation in the beachy frame.

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