A vacation can rekindle your love and commitment.

How to Surprise Your Husband with a Romantic Trip

by Eliza Martinez

Sometimes you might feel like you've lost touch with your husband. Although it's common, and even normal, for married couples to settle into habits and routine life after the wedding, that doesn't mean that you have to chuck romance out the window. Planning a surprise romantic trip for your husband can put the spark back into your relationship and give you both the chance to focus on each other for a few days.

Plan Ahead

Planning a vacation is a lot of work, but keeping it a surprise requires a bit more effort. The first step is to decide when you want to take your trip. Arrange child care and a place for pets to stay while you're gone. Talk to your husband's boss and secure him the time off. Once you both have vacation time arranged and things on the home front are organized, you can pick a location and book your plane tickets, rental car and hotel.

Set the Itinerary

The point of a romantic getaway is to reconnect with your husband, so you'll want a place that allows you to engage in favorite activities together. Choose a place your husband has always wanted to go or revisit your honeymoon location. Make plans for activities you can do as a couple, such as a massage, a hike or simply lying on the beach with margaritas. Try to avoid scheduling too many individual activities, since the point of the trip is to be romantic and spend time with one another. Many hotels offer romance packages that might include champagne in your room, a couples massage or a romantic dinner at the hotel restaurant.

Keep It a Secret

Surprising your husband without making him suspicious takes some doing. When you book the hotel, car or plane tickets, use your personal or work email and phone number. This reduces the risk that your husband will find out about the trip by mistake. Tell each person you speak to that the trip is a surprise and to reveal details only to you. If you're afraid your husband might find paper clues, keep printouts, tickets and schedules hidden at a friend's home or in your desk at the office. You'll have to pack for both of you, so try sneaking a few items here and there into your husband's suitcase and say they're in the laundry if he asks. Buy extra deodorant and other toiletries he uses so missing daily essentials don't clue him in.

Reveal the Trip

Before revealing the surprise trip, consider your husband's feelings about spontaneity. If he doesn't have a problem with it, you can keep the secret up until the plane leaves by asking him to accompany you to the airport to pick up a friend. If this isn't the best way to start a vacation, hide the tickets in your husband's briefcase the day before you leave, or wrap them as a gift and present them to your husband over breakfast the morning of your departure.

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