Buckle him in tightly before a ride in a taxi.

How to Take a Taxi With Toddler

by Kathryn Hatter

Some city ordinances don’t require that you buckle up a toddler in a car seat while riding in a taxicab. In fact, the City of New York states that kids under age 7 can legally sit in an adult’s lap, according to the City of New York website. Even so, you might sooner strap your kid to the roof rack than travel in any motor vehicle with your kid unrestrained. When you need to take a taxicab with a toddler in tow, you have options for traveling safely.

Call a taxicab company to reserve a taxi and request a car seat that will accommodate your child. You’ll need to give your child’s age and weight so you can get an appropriate car seat that will fit your little one.

Check the car seat when the taxi arrives to make sure it’s acceptable for your child. Kids between ages 2 and 4 should sit forward facing with a five-point harness. Kids over age 4 and over 40 pounds can sit forward facing in a booster seat, says the Right Start website.

Pull on the car seat to make sure it’s snug and tight, rocking it side to side to see whether it moves. If it does, cinch the seat belt tighter to make it super snug in the cab.

Buckle your little one into the car seat and hop into the taxi yourself. Give yourself a pat on the back, knowing that you’re traveling safely with your toddler, even in a taxi.

Items you will need

  • Car seat


  • You could also bring along your own car seat if you need to travel by taxi, but it won’t be as easy and convenient. Hail a taxi with your car seat in tow or reserve one, mentioning that you’re bringing your own car seat for your toddler.
  • Call a taxi company to find out local ordinances about traveling with kids in taxis. =


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