Kids can get the lesson of giving by watching parents in action.

How to Teach Children to Give Offerings & Tithes at Sunday School

by Kathryn Hatter

When your spiritual beliefs include giving tithes and offerings, teaching your kids these principles are important. Children naturally follow parental examples, so use your own giving as a strong model for your little ones. The combination of formal instruction and your example should get your kids into the giving groove.

Teach your little one what the Bible says about tithes and offerings to God. Keep it simple for the best understanding. You might just say something like, "God gives us everything we have and He tells us that we need to give to others. It's important that we obey God's instructions to show that we are faithful and obedient."

Talk about the difference between tithes and offerings. Tithes are a specific amount -- 10 percent of your earnings, according to the Bible. When you give an offering, you decide what you wish to give in accordance with your blessings. Stress that God is happy with an offering of any amount as long as a person gives it with a spirit of generosity and thankfulness.

Show your child the process of tithing and giving offerings to set a powerful and effective example. Whether you mail your tithes and offerings or you place them into an offering plate each week, it's important for your preschooler to see you following God's instructions and giving in a cheerful and willing manner.

Help a preschooler set aside a portion of a weekly allowance for tithes and offerings, if applicable. For example, if your little one receives $1 every week, a dime should hit the offering plate as his tithe. Since an offering is discretionary -- help your little one decide how much of his spending money he wants to give.

Give lots of praise when your child demonstrates a cheerful, giving attitude. Your positive reinforcement will motivate the right attitude of obedience and generosity. When you see and praise the behavior you want, your child will want to please you more and more.

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