Teach a strong love of country with the words of the Pledge of Allegiance.

How to Teach the Pledge of Allegiance to Preschoolers

by Kathryn Hatter

Francis Bellamy and James Upham originally wrote the Pledge of Allegiance for kids, to help teach important lessons about love and devotion for the United States. Even preschoolers can learn the words of the pledge. Although they may not understand exactly what they're saying, they'll learn the message of patriotism from the earliest age. With a little effort, you'll have little budding patriots who can rattle off the words of the pledge by heart.

Talk up the pledge for your kiddo so he gets excited about learning it. Touch on high points like the flag as the national symbol and demonstrating love and devotion to the flag because it represents the United States.

Display the flag somewhere where your little one can see it. You might call attention to the red and white stripes of the flag and the white stars on the blue background.

Give an overview of the pledge so your kid understands what she's saying as she recites the words. Tell your kid that the pledge is a promise to be respectful of the United States flag. The United States is one big nation all together under God, giving everyone a free and fair place to live.

Say the pledge slowly for your preschooler. Take care to enunciate your words so he doesn't misunderstand what you're saying. You don't want him saying "And to the wee public" instead of "And to the republic."

Repeat the pledge often--several times a day--while your preschooler is trying to learn it. Repetition is the best way to learn for kids this age.

Encourage your kid to join you in saying the pledge after he's heard it enough times that he's beginning to remember bits and pieces of it. The more he hears it and says it, the faster he'll learn it.

Say the pledge at least once a day so your kid learns and remembers it. Make it a part of your daily routine and she'll remember it for a lifetime.

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