Basketball camps can help teens improve their skills.

Teen Basketball Camps in Decatur, Georgia

by Maria Magher

Basketball camps can help teens learn how to improve their jump shot, become more skilled at dribbling and passing, and learn how to work better within a team. Besides technical skills, basketball camps can help teens feel a better sense of confidence and self-esteem. In Decatur, Georgia, a suburb of Atlanta, several basketball camps cater to teenagers throughout the year, whether they are interested in learning how to play or to improve their game for a school team.

Extreme Action Basketball Camp

This basketball camp, according to its website, pushes teens to their extremes -- both mentally and physically -- so they can identify and overcome weaknesses and can grow to reach their potential on the court. Participants are grouped according to age and ability, and exercises are graduated to become more intense so students progress quickly throughout the program. Skills training is combined with classroom lectures and physical exercises in the pool to improve strength and fitness. The camp meets for a week and is open to boys and girls ages 7 to 18.

Atlanta Hawks

Teens can learn from the pros in a summer session offered by the Atlanta Hawks. The Atlanta Hawks development team leads training that includes improving skills such as passing, dunking and rebounding. Hawks' players occasionally make guest appearances or provide a motivational speech or lecture. Campers also get a free jersey and tickets to a game. Camps are open to boys and girls ages 7 to 18. Each session has a different age range. Camps last two days.

Elite Hoops Basketball

Teams can attend this basketball camp in Atlanta together, or individuals can go to improve their skills on the court. The camp focuses on teaching players how to achieve their best performance on the court while also creating a positive environment. Practice stats are emphasized as an indicator of game stats. Students ages 9 to 15 are welcome in the camps, which typically last four days.

Atlanta YOUTH Summer Basketball Camp

Berean Baptist Church in Atlanta hosts this camp, which stands for Youth Overcoming Under the Highest. Camps teach students how to improve both their offense and defense by stressing shooting, dribbling, passing and speed. Training emphasizes improving fundamental skills while also encouraging students to have fun. Kids of all ages are welcome in camp.

D1 Spects Skills Academy

This all-position camp in Atlanta is open to players in fifth through 11th grades. Drills are structured around each player's individual position, helping them to improve the specific skills they need to play their best game for the good of the whole team. Player evaluations are provided to help students work on specific areas that need improvement. Some of the best players are even invited to participate in a special tournament. Camps last two days.

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