Have your teenager donate clothing she doesn't wear.

Teenage Closet Organization Ideas

by Emily Weller

If your teenager's closet looks like a tornado just passed through it, you're not alone. While keeping her closet neat and organized might not be on the top of your teen's list, doing so offers several benefits. She'll be able to pick out a matching outfit on hectic schooldays a lot more efficiently, for one thing. Storing clothing, shoes and accessories properly will also keep them in good shape longer.


Your teen's closet might be full to bursting with clothing. The trick to getting it under control is sorting it by type and assigning each type of clothing an area of the closet. Give your teenager the same type of hanger to use throughout the closet. Using uniform hangers will keep each garment at the same level. It also looks nicer than having a random collection of hangers in the closet. Group pants together, skirts together and dresses together. If there is space, place a bookshelf in the closet to hold items that shouldn't be hung, such as knit T-shirts and sweaters. Stack clothing no more than 10 inches high and place the heavier pieces on the bottom to keep the piles from falling over.

Shoe Storage

Storing shoes correctly keeps them from gathering dust and helps them last longer. When it comes to teenagers, you want to make shoe storage as simple as possible. A hanging organizer that allows your teen to slip shoes in and out of openings is an easy, space-saving option. If you have room in the closet, you can invest in shoe drawers or shoe boxes with flip open fronts. Pick drawers or boxes that are clear, so that your teen can easily see what's in which box, without having to open multiple boxes.


Accessories such as belts, scarves and ties can create clutter in a closet, unless they have a place to live. Use special hangers to keep ties, belts and scarves organized. You can also designate a regular hanger as the home for your teenage son's ties or your teenage daughter's impressive scarf collection. Make use of the space on the back of the closet door by attaching wall hooks to it, to store belts, bathrobes or even necklaces. Wall hooks on the inside of the closet can hang up purses and backpacks, too.

Purging Possessions

Space is at a premium in most teens' closets. Before you start organizing the space, take the time to do a closet purge. Ask your teenager to donate any items she hasn't worn or used in at least a year. Teens grow quickly, so odds are high there will be a number of garments in there that no longer fit. To keep the closet tidy, ask your teenager to donate or discard one item for every new piece of clothing she brings home.

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