Get the kids involved in your pregnancy announcement to their dad.

How to Tell Your Husband That He Is Going to Be a Dad Again

by Zora Hughes

Having a baby is so special and many moms-to-be go out all to tell their husbands in a creative way that they are pregnant for the first time. However, getting pregnant with your second, third or sixth child is just as special and deserves equal excitement and celebration. Use your sense of humor, technology and your other kids to tell your husband about a new baby on the way.

Funny Annoucement Ideas

Come up with a funny way to tell your husband that he's going to be a dad all over again. One idea, if you still have maternity larger-sized clothes that you wore when you were pregnant, is to lay them out on the bed. Let your husband see you pulling out those stretchy jeans and pretend to look annoyed. When he asks what you are doing, you could say something like, "didn't think I'd need these again so soon. Thanks!" Try to hide your smile as his confusion turns to surprise. If you have a spare room in your house that your husband uses as an office or man cave, write up an eviction notice to tape to the door that says he has until your due date to clear the premises. Include the reason for the eviction at the very bottom, staying, "making room for baby No. 2," or whatever the number baby it is for the two of you.

Children Making Annoucement

Purchase a T-shirt for your child or children that says something to the effect of "future big brother," or "big sister." Have your kids show off their new T-shirts to their dad and see how long it takes him to get it. Another idea is to have your child or children each draw a picture of the family, then include an extra baby. The kids can then show daddy their pictures, naming each person in the drawing, then pointing out the "new baby in mommy's tummy." Another idea is to purchase age-appropriate children's books about being a big brother or big sister, and have the kids ask Dad to read the books to them at bedtime. If he doesn't make the connection right away, he'll likely come to you later asking about the new books. Just look at him and smile.

Game-Themed Annoucment

Use your husband's favorite games or puzzles to announce your pregnancy. For example, you could come up with a crossword puzzle that will have him guessing each word in a phrase such a "we are pregnant again," or "knocked up part two." If you are having a game night with close family or friends, play charades and use gestures to get your husband to guess, "we are pregnant!" You could also play an old-fashioned game of telephone where your husband is on one end and you are on the other end. Whisper a phrase stating you are pregnant and wait for it to get around to your husband. As usually happens with telephone, the phrase might change completely, which makes it even funnier. Watch the realization sink in when you tell him what you really said.

Technology Annoucement

Let your tech gadgets make the announcement for you. You could do something simple, but funny, like sending your husband a saucy text, such as "looks like your boys are still strong swimmers. #knockedupagain." Or you could send him a text to pick up all the weird stuff you only crave when you are pregnant and write "#cravings" at the end. Another more sentimental idea is to create a short slideshow with pictures of your first baby or children's births and special moments. Set the slideshow to a famous song related to having a baby, such as "Arms Wide Open," by Creed, or "Isn't She Lovely," by Stevie Wonder. Include a text slide at the end of the slideshow that says, "can't wait to do it all over again," and include your due date.

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