Scranton, Pennsylvania has lots of kid-friendly activities.

Things to Do With Children in Scranton, PA

by Kimbry Parker

Scranton, Pennsylvania is a town in northeast Pennsylvania. Once a coal-mining town, Scranton has developed over the years into a bustling city. While your little one might not have an interest in the many historic sites in Scranton, there’s no lack of things to do with kids in this city. From museums to parks, there’s something to suit just about every kid's taste.

The Houdini Museum

The Houdini Museum (, an historic 150-year-old refurbished home in Scranton is the world’s only building entirely devoted to most famous magician of all time, Harry Houdini, who did many of his challenges at this site. Kids ages 3 and up will likely enjoy the Harry Houdini Tour & Magic Show, which includes live animals, audience interaction and well-known magicians including Bravo the Great and Dorothy Dietrich. The guided tour through the museum features television footage of Harry Houdini, performing some of his great escapes and magic tricks.

Nay Aug Park

If your kiddos need to expend some energy, Nay Aug Park ( in Scranton will do the trick. In addition to a stunning landscape, the park features two playgrounds, two swimming pools, a water-slide complex, walking trails and kiddie rides. You can also take a walk to the David Wenzel Treehouse located on the park grounds. This treehouse sits 150 feet above the gorge -- and this house in the trees in likely to amaze even the little ones.

That Bounce Place

Little ones typically love bounce houses. At That Bounce Place (, there's plenty of bouncing fun for the kiddos. With a total of eight bounce houses, That Bounce Place offers two bounce houses that are designated for children ages 5 and under -- and six more for children of all ages. And while the kids are bouncing their hearts away, adults can relax in a massage chair with a cup of coffee in hand, connect to the free Wi-Fi, or catch up on some television on one of the large-screen TVs.

Timmy's Town Center

There’s so much to explore at Timmy’s Town Center (, you might need an entire day to do it all. This interactive kids' museum provides hours of hands-on, interactive learning and fun. Permanent exhibits include the Arter Space exhibit, which encourages kids to use art during play. There’s also the Music exhibit where kids can experiment with different instruments and sounds. At the Puppet Theater, the kiddos can put on their own puppet shows. The fun doesn’t stop there. Timmy’s Town Center also features a Dress-Up Exhibit where kids can role play in costumes, a Farmer’s Market where the kiddos can learn about food and shopping, and The Multicultural House exhibit, a life-like house where kids can play and learn about how diverse families live. The center also features special, non-permanent exhibits.

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