Keep your toddler smiling with fun activities around Loganville.

Things to Do With a Toddler in Loganville, Georgia

by Zora Hughes

You might think few options exist when it comes to entertaining rambunctious and curious toddlers in a small city such as Loganville, Georgia. However, for your children's sake (and your sanity), Loganville knows how to entertain its residents, no matter how young they are. From a dedicated toddler park to family friendly local events, you'll find something engaging and fun in the area to do with your toddler.

Tot-sized Playgrounds

When you need to deplete some of your child's energy, the Loganville Toddler Park is an excellent option in the heart of town. Adjacent to City Hall, the park features pint-sized slides, tunnels, swings and a jungle gym. Across town, Bay Creek Park has 154 acres of play space and entertainment for the whole family. Several playgrounds are available, including ones dedicated to toddlers, preschoolers and children with special needs.

Hit the (Toddler) Gym

If your toddler is practically catapulting himself off your furniture, a toddler gym will keep your nerves and your furniture intact. Southern Gymnastics on Highway 78 offers Mommy and Me tumbling classes for toddlers 18 months and older. Dacula Family Sports in nearby Dacula also offers Mommy and Me tumbling and music programs. In both gyms, your little one can jump, climb and roll to his heart's desire in a safe environment.

Down on the Farm

Washington Farms offers a range of age-appropriate activities to keep toddlers busy and engaged. The farm has a petting zoo where children can pet goats, pigs and other baby farm animals. Other features include hay rides, a cow train ride and a play area just for toddlers and preschoolers. Pick your own strawberries, blueberries or blackberries while you are there, depending on the season.

Toddler-friendly Special Events

You can usually find some kind of family event going on in Loganville or the greater Gwinnet and Walton County areas. The Gwinnet County Fair welcomes tykes with entertainment such as clowns and rides just for their age group. All children under 6 years of age get into the fair for free. It's best to go with your toddler in the mornings before it gets too crowded, which is stressful for some small children. Over at the Grayson Library, librarians offer weekly story times for toddlers. This might be just what you need to calm and relax a hyper toddler.

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