Marlboro, New Jersey, has a lot of fun activities for your little one.

The Things to Do With Toddlers in Marlboro, NJ

by Jane Rodda

Marlboro, New Jersey, is no doubt a wonderful place to live. The schools are excellent, the kids are smart, the houses are beautiful and the neighbors are friendly. But after you have toured the town and basked in the wonder of such an idealistic place, you may notice that your toddler isn't quite as fascinated with the scenery as you are. Thankfully, Marlboro offers plenty of activities that will keep your little guy happy. At least until nap time, or until the cheese crackers run out.

Head to the Library

Before you think, "The library? Really? Will Marlboro's water magically turn my kid into a silent angel?" consider the fact that the Marlboro branch of the the Monmouth County Library System has activities specifically designed for young children. Once a week they have a story time for babies as young as 6 months, special activities and story time just for toddlers and a preschool story time. They also have other holiday-themed monthly events for children as young as 2. You and your little man can head on over and tiptoe past the grown ups stuck in their silence, and then both of you can enjoy the fun. You will like the story, but you will also enjoy having the opportunity to talk above a whisper in a library. You know your inner 7-year-old has been longing to get back at your cranky school librarian who shushed you every chance she got. Now is your time.

Attend a High School Sporting Event

Bundle up your future quarterback and take him to the high school football game. You will enjoy having the chance to be around your Marlboro neighbors and involved in the small-town life, and he will love seeing the sights and sounds of the game. The cheerleaders will get giggly about him, he will love the popcorn and nachos and he will feel like a big boy watching the game. And you can get a bit teary-eyed over the fact that in a few short years, this little one next to you will be out there on the field. Or perhaps being the water boy, the stat guy or whatever he wants to be. The point is, he will grow up fast and taking him to the game will drive this fact home.

Who Doesn't Love the Park?

With nine parks specifically designed with toddlers in mind, the question isn't whether you will go to the park, but which park you will go to. Head on out and enjoy the sunshine while he enjoys the playground. If you are feeling particularly adventurous, go on a park marathon. See how many parks you can visit in a day, or visit a different park every day for nine days in a row. Or, just go to the same park over and over again. Really, you can do whatever you want. Just take advantage of the play structures made just for your little guy -- and hundreds of other toddlers like him.

Head to an Amusement Park

In Jackson Township, a mere 19 miles from Marlboro, you will find Six Flags Great Adventure and Safari Park. Here you and your future thrill seeker can spend the day riding the rides, seeing exotic animals and enjoying the tasty junk food in which amusement parks specialize. Keep in mind that the kid rides are closed on Fridays, and plan your trip accordingly.

Head to the Mall at Naptime

Once he is all tuckered out, a trip to the mall may be in order. He can sleep soundly in his stroller while you walk along, sipping your beverage of choice, deciding how you will spend your next paycheck. There is no major mall right in the city of Marlboro, but just drive the 8 miles to Freehold. There you will find a mall with over 200 stores. This can make for a nice long nap for Junior, and a lot of planning for you. When he wakes up, you can hit one of the many restaurants for a tasty treat.

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