Find fun activities for your toddler in Provo.

Things to Do With Toddlers in Provo, Utah

by Erica Loop

As Utah's third largest city, parents in Provo have an array of fun-filled activities to try with their toddlers around town. With major institutions such as Brigham Young University close at hand, everything from the arts to old world fossils are readily available for toddlers.

Day At the Museum

Just because your toddler doesn't know his pop art from pop rocks doesn't mean you should skip the museum. Brigham Young University's Museum of Art offers a fun-filled toddler program that is free, if you register before the class. The Van Gogh to Play Dough: Art for Toddlers program is a one-hour class on Tuesdays. Toddlers 2 years of age and older and their caregiver can look at and learn about the museum's art, sing songs and make their own creative projects to take home.


Is your little learner a budding paleontologist? Spark your toddler's interest in dinosaurs by taking him to the BYU Museum of Paleontology. Kids can tour the museum, take a look at the museum's extensive fossil collection from the Jurassic Period (210 to 140 million years ago) and even touch a real dino bone. As a bonus, museum admission is free, although the museum does accept donations.

Early Literacy

Sure, the library is typically a quiet place, but that doesn't men your toddler can't have fun. Provo dads who are looking for an intro to early literacy skills can take their toddlers to one of the Library at Academy Square's parent/child workshops. Each of these monthly 30-minute-long classes focuses on different early learning concepts such as words, letters, math and science. While the classes are free, registration is necessary.

Water Fun

Whooshing down the tallest slide at the water park probably isn't the best bet for your toddler, but your little one can enjoy some family-friendly time at the pint-sized areas of Provo's Seven Peaks Water Park. The Tadpole Pond has to 24-inch deep wading pools and includes a soft floating crocodile and mushroom fountain. Another toddler-sized option is Adventure Bay. With a crawl-through tunnel and interactive jungle gym, this zero-depth entry pool is perfect for the whole family.

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