Improved posture can result in great health benefits.

Things to Wear to Help With Posture

by Nakita Rowell-Stevens

Here's an easy self-check to see if you have good posture: Can you draw a straight line from your ears, shoulders, hips, knees and ankles? If not, you may have some work to do. But don't worry -- most people lack proper posture. The advantages of good posture include improved health, stronger lungs, increased concentration and improved self-image. Fortunately, there are many tools that have been developed to improve posture.


One of the most logical things to wear to improve posture is a back brace. Braces can support either the upper or lower back and are designed to remind your body to have correct posture when bending and lifting. Braces also help you to square your shoulders and keep your lower back aligned.


Undershirts are a simple way to maintain good posture. They are worn under clothing and fit close to the body. It is more comfortable to sit or stand upright when you're wearing tighter fabric.


There is specially formulated tape that you can wear to improve your posture. The tape typically comes in an "X" pattern that you place between your shoulder blades. After wearing the tape for a few days, it helps to pull your shoulder blades back.

Posture Shoes

Your posture can also be improved from the feet up. Posture shoes alter the way you stand to improve the alignment of your feet, knees and hips. While high-heeled shoes are stylish, wear them sparingly when trying to improve your posture. Heels affect your center of gravity which changes the alignment of your entire body.

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