Keep the smile on your grown kids' faces with thoughtful gifts

Thoughtful Things to Do for Your Grown Children

by Diane Steinbach

It can be hard to come up with thoughtful ways to show you care to your grown children. Many of them can buy what they want for themselves and they don’t care for your taste in cardigan sweaters and snuggies. You still want to show that you think about them and want the best for them so some creative thinking is in order. Think about their lifestyles and needs to provide a thoughtful gift they will appreciate.

Find Them a Place to Live

According to an article at, 13 percent of adult children between ages 18 and 29 move back in with their parents after living alone. If you are still trying to do thoughtful things for your grown children, chances are they are staring at you from your own couch. Do them a favor and promote their independence. What might have been a helping hand for a month or two has turned into a handout for the past five years and now is the time to push the grown bird from the nest.

Offer Free Babysitting

Give them free babysitting certificates as a gift for Christmas, birthdays and anniversaries, and then you don’t have to buy a gift, and you get credit for the service you have been good-heartedly doing already! Maybe you've been feeling unappreciated for dealing with all those temper tantrums and having to supply endless amounts of sugar to the grandkids, so this is your thoughtful way of getting the credit you deserve.

Teach Them that Credit Card Purchases Translate into Real Money

The attitude that some grown children have toward money is mind-boggling, and it might have come from that credit card you let them use while they were in college. The understanding that each swipe of the card results in an actual financial consequence seems to be a surprise to young adults. Break out the Monopoly money and go through the basics of money management and budgeting.

Spend Their Inheritance

Give them the gift of peaceful resolution and time to grieve the monumental loss of … you. Spend their inheritance before you die and spare them the heartache and family squabbling that often results when they try to divide what is left of your 401(k) and other assets. Smile to yourself as you sit on that beach in Fiji knowing that you are doing them a favor by enjoying your time on this Earth instead of leaving them with what would otherwise could be years of hard feelings and hostility. They can earn their own money to redo their kitchen or pay for their kid’s college education. Sit back and get another fruity umbrella drink. You deserve it!

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