"Infinity" in the scarf name refers to its endless circle shape.

How to Tie an Infinity Scarf Like a Bow

by Melissa J. Bell

Pretty Bohemian infinity scarves, also known as circle scarves, loops or cowls, have no blunt rectangular ends like common scarves. Instead, they present a complete, connected oval shape perfect for keeping out the cold, and often double as hoods in inclement weather. Unlike other scarves, the infinity scarf does not necessarily need a decorative knot to look fashionable, as it drapes beautifully alone but is versatile enough for any tied arrangement. Get more use out of your infinity scarf, and dress up an outfit with a feminine bow look.

Draped Bow

Grasp the infinity scarf at opposite sides, then stretch the sides out so that the scarf folds naturally into two layers.

Sling the scarf around the back of the neck, like any common scarf. Adjust the ends so that they hang evenly over the chest.

Tie a basic shoelace knot. Adjust the knot for comfort.

Tie a second knot, then adjust the ends so that they fluff out into a loose, hanging bow.

Off-Kilter Shoelace Bow

Stretch the scarf into a double layer, then sling it around the back of the neck.

Make a loop with the left scarf end. Wrap the right scarf end around the base of the loop.

Push the right end of the scarf between the bottom edge of the left loop and the wrapped part of the right end, in shoelace tying style. Pull the bow tight.

Twist the bow so that it sits off center, closer to the shoulder.

Neat Bowtie Scarf

Sling the double layer scarf around the back of the neck. Adjust the ends so that the left side hangs 2 inches longer over the chest than the right side.

Cross the left side over the right side. Pull the left side up, beneath the right side, and push it through the loop at the base of the neck.

Fold the right side in half to make a loop. Wrap the left side around the base of that loop.

Push the left side through the wrapped part of the scarf, then pull it to adjust the bow.


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