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Toddler Activities in King of Prussia, Pennsylvania

by Erica Loop

A mere 15 minutes from Philadelphia, King of Prussia is a sometimes overlooked city that has a lot to offer for families with young children. Known for its mall -- it's the second largest in the U.S. -- King of Prussia isn't only a shopping mecca. From music to sports, parents who live in or are visiting the area will find tons of activities for tots.

The Library

Toddlers and the library? If those words don't sound like they go together, think again. Libraries are quiet places where adults go to read and study, but fun for tots can be found during special programs and events. King of Prussia's Upper Merion Township Library has story time that includes books (of course), music and songs. More active toddlers may enjoy Parachute Story Times. These book reading workshops also have songs and music, but also include fun-filled parachute play as well.


If you are looking for a a creative outlet for your little learner that includes music, singing and dancing, try out the Tot Rock program. The upper Merion Township of King of Prussia's Recreation Department offers this funky activity for toddlers starting at age 2. Younger children can explore and experiment with different instruments during this 45-minute long class. As a bonus, residents receive a discounted registration price.

Outdoor Play

What's more fun than a day in the sun? How about a free day in the sun playing at a King of Prussia playground. Toddlers can enjoy the Doreen Thornbury O'Donnell playground. Your child can venture on the toddler-sized climber, go down the slide or run through the park's open fields. Look for the park behind the Upper Merion Township Building. During the summer, if your toddler can handle a night out with you, stay at the park for the township's free Concerts Under the Stars.


Your toddler isn't quite ready for real game play, but she might enjoy a beginning sports activity. Although a 2-year-old isn't typically seen playing football, baseball or soccer, options are available for little kids. King of Prussia toddlers can try their hands out at developmentally appropriate sports activities in the township's playball class. Two-year-olds have their own half hour class that starts them off with a basic introduction to movement and sports at their own level.

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