Brighton has lots to keep a toddler entertained.

Toddler Activities Near Brighton, Michigan

by Amy Sutton

Brighton is a small town in the southeastern portion of Michigan. Its location near several larger Michigan cities makes it an ideal place for Michigan residents to call home. Moms in Brighton will find many fun activities to keep their busy little toddlers happy.

Moms & Tots

Moms & Tots of Brighton, Inc. ( is an organization created for moms of young children. Moms who join have the opportunity to attend regular events with their toddlers. Activities such as summer picnics, Christmas parties and play dates occur regularly. This is a fantastic way for you to meet new moms and let your toddler have social interaction with other children around the same age. Mom's night-out events are even planned to give mom a night for herself.

Brighton District Library

Moms can take their toddlers to the Brighton District Library (, rain or shine, for a fun, educational day. The library is open every day of the week except Thursday. Moms can snuggle up with their little one in the children's section and read stories together. Storybook Kids is for children from 36 to 48 months and includes stories, rhymes, singing and hands-on activities to encourage learning. Alphabet Soup is for children 4- to 5-years-old and focuses on exploring the alphabet. Kids can learn about a different letter each week.

Carousel Acres

Just 18 minutes away in South Lyon, you can take your toddler for a fun day of activities at Carousel Acres ( At Carousel Acres, your toddler will be amazed at all of the animals. You will meet ponies, ducks, bunnies and reindeer. A butterfly house not only allows you to see butterflies, but lorikeets, emus, a bearded dragon and a sugar glider. Before you leave, let your toddler take a pony ride for an experience he won't forget.

Kensington Metropark Farm Center

At Kensington Metropark farm center (, just 23 minutes away in Milford, you and your toddler are in for a day of fun and discovery. Children are encouraged to touch and learn while at this farm. Your toddler can absorb the sights, sounds and smells of the barn while checking out all of the animals. He will feel like a farmer when walking through the chicken house. Then, take a hay ride out to the pasture for added adventure. Your little one will love it.

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