Matching loft beds leave room underneath for play and storage.

Toddler Bed Ideas for Twins

by Rosenya Faith

When your toddlers are ready to make the big transition from crib to bed, there are a variety of factors to take into consideration before making that first big-kid purchase. You will want to consider whether to have your twins share a room, the size of the room, how well your youngsters get along and any theme you would like to incorporate into the bed. Once you've narrowed your choices to just a few, let your toddlers feel like active participants by having them help make the final selection.

Head to Head

If your youngsters are already partial to their privacy, the design and arrangement of the beds can help to distinguish their own personal space. Opt for toddler or twin-size beds with moderately high headboards and arrange the beds head-to-head. With the beds facing away from each other, there is a little separation for settling down to sleep or indulging in a little time alone. Still, your twins are just a head turn away from each other when it's time for play.

Racing Automobiles

A pair of matching automobile beds can provide your toddlers with comfortable sleeping spaces and endless hours of imaginative play. Whether they're speeding along a racetrack in their matching race car beds, or rushing off in their toddler fire truck beds to battle a blazing fire, your duo toddler team can feel like superheroes or superstars all the time. If you're limited on space, opt for a pair of toddler-size beds instead of full-size. Place the beds against opposite walls in the room so your youngsters are far enough apart to have their own personal space when they need, but close enough for playtime, anytime.

Toddler Bunks

Traditional bunk beds aren't the safest choice for young children -- the ladder requires relatively well-developed motor skills to climb and dismount safely. However, it's a tempting choice because this type of bed takes up much less space, providing more play area for your roommates in a smaller room. Fortunately, if you'd like your toddler buddies to bunk together, there is another solution. Modern bunk beds for young children incorporate a much sturdier stair system for safe climbing. You can choose from full-size or toddler-size bunks to accommodate a smaller room, and you're not even limited to old fashioned designs; you can find modern bunk beds designed to look like fire trucks, play forts and even space shuttles.

Bed Forts

Keep your kiddos together in the same room but let them each have their own private area when they want by making bed forts. You will need two toddler or full-size beds with relatively high headboards and foot boards. Create a canopy top for each bed or throw a blanket over the top during the day. Voila -- a private space for each of your twins. The forts also provide endless opportunities for imaginative camp-outs, surveillance work and other creative ventures. At bedtime, remove the canopy top or blanket for safe sleeping and then resurrect the fort in the morning.


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