A photographer who can keep up with your active tot will catch better photos.

Toddler Boy Photo Shoot Poses & Ideas

by Shelley Frost

The image you created in your head of a perfect photo quickly goes out the door as your tot dashes away from the photographer. Traditional poses that involve sitting and tilting the head just right aren't compatible with active little boys. Toddlers aren't known for sitting still or cooperating, but choosing the right poses improves the chances of getting at least one photo worthy of the mantle.


A stuffy studio limits the amount of space for photos and may leave your active subject feeling penned in. If possible, find a photographer who shoots outdoors in open spaces, such as a local park or natural area. Your little one can run free, which often results in some great action shots that capture your tot's personality. Self-employed photographers often travel to the location of your choice -- sometimes for an additional fee -- so if your little boy feels most comfortable at home, plan for the shoot there. He may be more at ease and more willing to smile for the camera.


You've probably seen the photos with the fake screen background and the cheapo props drawing attention away from the tot being photographed. Skip the impersonal props that won't add a personalized touch to the pose. Instead, let him cling to a favorite toy if it makes him feel at ease. Another use for props is to get your child playing and smiling. Disney Family suggests blowing bubbles or tossing a ball with your kiddo during the shoot.


Does your photographer stay in shape? She might need it to keep up with your little one. Some of the best "poses" are the ones that happen naturally without purposely positioning your little one. Find a photographer that will let your little one wander around a flower garden or throw stones in a creek. With this approach, you capture the best moments of childhood -- pure enjoyment and exploration of the world. A chair or blanket is a simple way to keep your tot in one spot if you want photos of him sitting still. The photographer can get full-body shots or close-ups from this position.

Custom Photo Ideas

He's young, but your toddler has loads of personality. Show off his interests with specialty poses. Does he love kicking the soccer ball around in the backyard? Head to a local soccer field so he can pose near the nets with his favorite soccer ball. Does he stick like glue to Daddy? Dress him up in a mini version of your husband as an homage to your tot's favorite guy. If he's a superhero fanatic, let him dress up in his favorite superhero costume for a few poses. And don't forget his furry best friend. A shot with a pet captures the special relationship between the two. Show your tot's boyish personality with the poses you choose.

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