Mix boyish charm with your everyday wardrobe to create tomboy outfit ensembles.

Tomboy Outfit Ideas

by Mercedes Valladares

Borrowing boyish style ideas does not have to translate into a messy, disheveled or out of place look. For those anti-dainty days, the tomboy look suits most active women on-the-go. This on-trend look revitalizes your everyday ensembles with a nuance of edgy style. Open your closet doors, and pull together existing pieces to reflect a boyish charm. Whether you choose structured tops, torn denim or schoolboy patterns and accessories, your ensemble will instantly transport you into tomboy chic.

Blazers and Jackets

Structure is one of the main elements when selecting a blazer or jacket for a tomboy look. For example, pair a military jacket with shoulder epaulets or a boyfriend tweed blazer with boot cut jeans, along with a braided leather belt and boots. If you do not have these styles in your closet, look for a jacket with constructive detailing. For example, wear a waist-length denim jacket with front and back seam detailing paired with a cropped tuxedo jean -- denim or printed bottom with side stripes -- and finish the look with a wide leather belt and form-fitting top.

Mix-Matched Pieces

Though most think of yarn-dye, flannel plaid shirts as boxy and over-sized, designers have incorporated this boyish textile into fitted button front shirts, as well as A-line skirts. Choose this pattern to wear with tights, combat boots or oxfords. Instantly change the look of a shapeless flannel shirt into a sexy knotted style by self-tying the front shirt-tails at the waist. Do not shy away from combining mix-matched pieces like sleeveless button front shirt with patterned boxer-like shorts, loafers and a backpack. As an alternative, style a solid color sleeveless top with black or denim rolled cuff shorts, and mix the ensemble with a patterned backpack.


Most apparel manufacturers label garments with specific names especially created for hang-tags. These tags are inspired by a predominant garment detail. For example, boyfriend jeans often have a relaxed straight leg silhouette. However, these same boyish jeans are also available with a sexy low-rise. Accent the look by rolling the cuffs with a narrow or wide hem. For those women wearing skinny straight leg jeans, choose a style with rips, tears or raw edge fringe. Pair a studded denim vest, graphic tee and metallic oxfords with the ripped jeans. For an alternative denim look, pair boyish overalls with a striped top, wide brim cap and canvas sneakers with rubber soles.


Fedora hats, chunky belts, combat boots, dark tights, mailbags and suspenders are just a few accessory items that can transform a frilly ensemble to tomboy chic. For a sexy tomboy outfit, wear black suspenders with a form fitting white T-shirt, tucked into slim white trousers. The stark contrast of the black suspenders accentuates the look. Accessory designers have also borrowed boyish looks for wrist watches. For example, the boyfriend watch has the large face associated with men's accessories. Finish the tomboy look with a feminine touch, wearing bright colors or metallic oxfords.

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