Gifted kids often prefer reading to playing with their friends.

The Top 10 Funny Ways You Know Your Kid Is Gifted

by Jaimie Zinski

You may dream of having an exceptional, perfect and talented child who will hopefully grow up to be a rich doctor and care for you in your old age. According to Psychology Today, there are certain language skills, learning traits and emotional mannerisms that signal a preschooler could be truly gifted.

A Love of Talking to Older Kids and Adults

Is your kid more interested in talking about Middle East peace negotiations than her favorite cartoon? Many times a gifted child well beyond his peers' mental abilities will naturally gravitate toward older children and adults simply because they're on a higher intellectual level. However, don't feel discouraged if your views on the national debt differ, or if your tot has a more well-informed view.


According to Psychology Today, gifted kids often concentrate on a single activity for a long period of time. Your gifted child might spend hours completing a complex puzzle or sorting his sock drawer. Conversely, talented kids often feel bored and walk away from activities they no longer deem challenging.

Quick Thinking and Speaking

Is your tot always quick to come back with a snarky response? Are you constantly reminding him to slow down when describing his new favorite book or activity? Exceptional children often exhibit an ability to think and speak quickly, so prepare yourself for when he's a teenager and able to talk his way out of missing curfew.

Multiple-Step Directions

The last time you purchased an elaborate toy or disassembled piece of furniture, did you hand over the directions and a screwdriver to your preschooler? According to the National Society for the Gifted & Talented, exceptional children often excel at tasks that require several steps to complete. In addition, these kids also enjoy the process, which is a definite plus for you.

Preference for Learning

Is your tot more interested in spending time with his encyclopedia set than out playing with his friends? In an attempt to challenge themselves intellectually, gifted children often prefer spending time learning rather than playing video games or tormenting their older siblings.

Excellent Memory

Unfortunately for some parents, exceptional children often possess an amazing ability to recall every little detail of what they previously saw or heard. This basically means you must watch what you say and do, or suffer a future filled with “But mom, that's not what you said.”

Alone Time

According to Psychology Today, gifted children often enjoy spending time with their intellectual peers, but also revel in their alone time. So if your tot would rather sit alone and stare out the window or flip through a book instead of playing with his friends, don't worry. He's simply plotting how he'll talk you into a second scoop of ice cream after dinner.

Art Appreciation

Did your little one provide a striking insight into a Picasso painting the last time you visited a modern art museum? Did he remark on how lovely your rose bushes look this year? From a morning sunrise to the pine tree in your backyard, exceptional children often possess an innate appreciation of anything beautiful.

Natural Born Leaders

Think back to the last time you were at the local playground. Did you notice one child who seemed to exude a certain charisma, and was telling everyone what to do? Before you assume this child is just naturally bossy, realize that according to Psychology Today, several gifted children are born leaders.

Success vs. Failure

Did your little one freak out the last time he didn't finish a puzzle or throw a fit if his art project didn't turn out perfectly? Perfectionism, and an inherent hatred of failure, are two common traits several gifted children possess. The next time your little one blows up after suffering a failure, comfort him and remind him that everything is okay. Just don't be surprised when he quotes Abraham Lincoln's view on failure back to you.

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